Ministry in Burundi/Rwanda

Wade and Barbara began 2020 in Burundi and Rwanda.

Bellevue Baptist sent 2 teams to accompany Wade and Barbara to teach house church leaders in the Pioneer Evangelism training.

Burundi now has over 400 house churches and has baptized over 4,000 in the last 5 years.

Rwanda has baptized over 8,000 and started over 400 house churches.
Steve and Ellie Marcum teach PE in Rwanda
Ellie teaching the house church leaders in Burundi
Plans for Church Planting Project

Wade and Barbara met with the leaders in Burundi and Rwanda to plan for a future Church Planting project. Network leaders will train coordinators to then train all 800 plus house church leaders in the principles of church planting.

Over 800 house church leaders will train their teams to go to form new groups of evangelistic Bible studies in the home of non-believers.. Multiplying the possibility of explosive growth.
Open Air Living Water Crusades

Wade plans to preach 80 open air crusades in Africa and Central America this year by Skype. In Africa we dig a well and then follow up with a Living Water Open Air Crusade in the same village.

Those who express interest are offered Good News evangelistic studies in their homes and new believers are baptized and integrated into local house churches.

22 Living Water Crusade: Nampula, Mozambique
25 Living Water Crusade: Adiaka, North Ugnda
28 Living Water Crusade: Namayngo, East Uganda
29 Living Water Crusade: Achilo, Mozambique

03-05 Skype Bible School Training, Uganda
10 Living Water Crusade: Lira, North Uganda
10-12 Bible School Training: West Kenya
13 Living Water Crusade: Nangue, Uganda
14 Living Water Crusade: Pioes, Mozambique
17 Skype Women’s Conference: Kitale, Kenya
19 Skype Women’s Conference: Busia, Uganda
24 Living Water Crusade: Agago, North Uganda
26 Skype Women’s Conference: East/Central, Uganda
27 Living Water Crusade: Nambengere, East Uganda
28 Living Water Crusade: Nacavalla, Mozambique
29 Depart for South Asia
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