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November 2010 Newsletter

Dear Subscriber,

Welcome to the Bushcraft Expeditions November Newsletter.

As we slip from autumn into winter, we can reflect on the bountiful harvest just gone. This years Fungi foray reaped a handsome crop including Giant puffballs - 122 in one field!! Chanterelles, Cauliflower fungus, Ceps, Blushers, all number of Russullas and many many more. The forests and fields have been equally awash with wild berries Pears, Apples, Bullace, Walnuts and Hazelnuts and Medlars and all number of other tasty morsels, so indeed a foragers dream.

Things are cooling down now and the hedgerows are becoming barren but this won't stop the keen forager as the coastal plants are still around and all things under the waves are at their best.

In this months newsletter we have the details of new courses, information on our featured expedition, discount and loyalty schemes, a new camp fire recipe and much, much more.

I hope you can take a moment to read and enjoy.
News from around the camp fire.
Northern lights over the base camp
Northern Lights over Norway base camp

New Videos and Images
: New expedition videos have been added to the video's page, I hope you enjoy perusing these along with the new images from our Borneo expedition in the Borneo gallery
(Many thanks to all who sent images in)
Expedition Videos
Borneo images

What we've been up to: The team has all been equally busy as usual, with Ross currently in Arizona on a shoot, Meg and I have just returned from Southern Norway and Stani is just about to leave for another shoot in Canada having spent the last week in the mountains of Snowdonia and the Lake District guiding (You can read more about what Stani has been up to this year in his blog below)

New Courses: By popular request, we are going to launch an extended families course in 2011. The first one will run from Sunday 7th August > Thursday 11th August 2011. This course will however only go ahead if we have sufficient interest and primarily will only be published in the newsletters in response to all the families that have requested it and will be on a first come basis. The course format will be similar to the normal family's format (see website) with a few extras thrown in and will give mums and dads more chance to practice all that they learn whilst enjoying camping in on our great Dorset site.

Cost: first Adult - 220/ Second Adult - 120 / Under 16's - 110

To book, please firstly contact the office and register your interest (You will not be asked to make a payment at this stage). A decision to run the course will be made on the 31st May 2011 if we have sufficient numbers and further information will be made available from there.

New Expeditions: Several new expeditions are in the planning stages. These include a families Expedition, a junior expedition. an advanced arctic expedition and an Eastern European walking trip. More information will be given as these are finalized. Please contact the office if you would like to register an interest in these.

Christmas is coming! Stuck for ideas for what to get a loved one ... how about a Bushcraft course or expedition. All our 2011 dates have now been added and 2012 will be up soon, you can use your "student loyalty scheme" or "second time around" plan to bring down the cost of these - See below for details. Vouchers are available on request.

Outfitters: Unfortunately, the building of the shop has been a long and slow process but we are nearly there - we hope!! We will be sending out details when this is up and running.



Stani's Year so far . . . . .

2010 has been a varied and exciting year for me both

work wise and for my own personal and professional development. I love the variety in my job, being able to switch skills based training courses with more challenging and physically demanding guiding work.February saw me leading an expedition in the arctic, together with the whole of the BE team, and working with Megan and Jed for the first time which I really enjoyed. Once back in Holland the survival scene kicked off for me, instructing a winter survival weekend in the French Ardennes, plenty of snow and conditions to minus 17 perfect for learning and experiencing the winter survival skills. Read more

Featured Expedition - Arctic Norway 14th-21st March 2011
Arctic Norway

"Few environments evoke the image of pristine nature and adventure quite like the frozen splendor of the Arctic north. The Arctic Norway Expedition will immerse you into the culture and splendor skills of the Nomadic peoples of the northern forests. You will learn the skills necessary to become comfortable in this beautiful environment, mastering age old skills that have enabled nomadic hunters such as the S�mi people to call this home. You will be taught the intricacies of dog sledding and husbandry and have the opportunity to put these skills to practice in the breath taking mountains of the Dividalen of Northern Norway.

Driving your own dog team up through pristine spruce and birch forest you will emerge above the tree line to the magnificent vistas of this incredibly beautiful mountain range"

For more details or to book this expedition please click here

To view Arctic Norway Video click here

To view the Arctic Norway Gallery click here

Staff Profiles - Megan Hine

Megan joined the Bushcraft Expeditions team in 2008 and brought with her a passion for all things outdoors. Trained under some of the leading Bushcraft and Survival instructors in the UK she has an infectious personality that warms every one to her relaxed teaching style. When not teaching for Bushcraft Expeditions Megan can be found planning and coordinating outdoor programs for the international schools community in Geneva.

An extremely motivated and accomplished sports woman, Megan represented Britain in Saber fencing for 3 consecutive years, and has many climbing, Skiing and diving qualifications to her name. With trips to Spain, Italy, Austria, Namibia, Norway, Switzerland, Poland and the Czech Republic under her belt and a guiding post at the Boyle River Outdoor Centre in New Zealand, Megan brings a wealth of expeditionary skills and knowledge to the Bushcraft Expeditions Team.

November's Recipe - Campfire Stir Fry
Dutch oven cooking


4 Chicken Breasts(Sliced)
1 red Onion
Handful of Mushrooms(Sliced)
Selection of stir fry Veg(Peas,red peppers,Mangetout,baby sweetcorn etc)
1 Jar of Favourite Chinese Sauce
8 oz. Rice

Fry off the onion in a little oil, add the chicken and seal. Put the rice on to boil and simmer for 20 minutes until cooked. Add the prepared vegetables 5 minutes before the rice is ready and stir fry. Add the sauce, heat through for a few minutes then serve with the rice.

No fridge-use tinned meat and a selection of tinned Chinese vegetables.

Vegetarian-replace chicken with a selection of mushrooms.

Finally, If you have enjoyed reading this newsletter and would like to forward it to a friend, they will automatically be entitled to our Bushcraft Expeditions Introductory discount offer, to do so please use the "forward this email to a friend" link in blue at the bottom of the page. They will receive full instructions on completion of a simple registration form of how to collect their discount by email

We would like to thank you for reading this newsletter and look forward to seeing you all around the camp fire

Yours Sincerely,

Andy Wood

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Bushcraft Expeditions Special Offersspecial

Second time round
If you have attended any course with Bushcraft Expeditions and feel you would like to do the same course again to bring up your skill levels, practice your skills with in-put from Bushcraft Expeditions staff or just fancy a break in an awesome location you can. We are now offering the opportunity for Bushcraft Expeditions students to re-take a course at 50% of the original cost

Places will be limited and subject to available places. If you would like to Book a place, please contact the office for availability.

(This offer does not effect or contribute in any way to your student loyalty scheme and is separate to any other Bushcraft Expeditions offer. Students can only participate in a course that they have previously attended. The offer only applies to UK courses)

Student loyalty scheme

Bushcraft Expeditions employs a "Student loyalty scheme". Having participated in any Bushcraft Expeditions (UK) course, should you wish to return and cover another subject (UK courses only) we will give you a 5% discount on your second course, this will be increased by 5% for every consecutive course you attend with us.

UK Workshops do not qualify as/for any part of the student loyalty scheme.

NB: if you have attended an Expedition with Bushcraft Expeditions this will count as your first "UK Course"