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Last month, with the support of a network of experts across the globe, we hosted a Business Clinic to provide individualized advice to our alumnae community around their most pressing business challenges. While the challenges presented fell into a range of functional areas, the underlying theme of financial management cut across conversations. 


From retaining talent to closing sales, securing loans to navigating currency fluctuations, negotiating with vendors to growing the business sustainably, the normal challenges faced by entrepreneurs and even more acutely by women entrepreneurs have certainly been exacerbated by global economic conditions and rising inflation rates.


As we close out 2022, it's important for us as individuals and business owners to consider our financial health. Despite the recent economic turbulence, there are strategies that women-led small and medium enterprises (WSMEs) can leverage right now in order to make sure they're ready for whatever 2023 may bring. 

This month’s newsletter discusses tactics on how businesses and individuals alike can be mindful with their spending habits and features a personal story from AWEC Alumna Atinuke Adegboye, whose journey through job loss could have cost her marriage and mental health but instead spawned an inspiring career pivot into financial consulting.

And with this dose of positivity and actionable advice on how to achieve financial health, we’ll close out the calendar year by sharing our appreciation for your ongoing support and engagement with AWEC and wishing you health (financial, physical, and mental) and happiness in the new year!

P.S. In case you missed it, we launched our #ShePowersAfrica end-of-year giving campaign earlier this month. Please consider making a donation to support our programming it has a huge impact on our fellows, alums, and their extended networks!


Cheers to 2023,

Dawn Leaness

Managing Director

Financial Strategies for Africa’s Women-Owned Businesses in the Midst of Inflation

Inflation is the focus of many conversations lately as its effects ripple through economies around the globe. Already dealing with an uncertain business landscape due to political upheaval and pandemic, Africa's female entrepreneurs are now faced with a new challenge the rising prices of goods and services amid inflationary pressure. How can women sustain their businesses in such dire circumstances?

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AWEC Spotlight: Atinuke Adegboye - On Paving Her Own Path to Financial Freedom Through Business and Helping Other Women Achieve the Same

Atinuke Adegboye experienced a financial wake-up call when she unexpectedly lost her corporate job. She seized the opportunity to take charge of her financial security, and has since achieved peace of mind by leading an intentional lifestyle grounded in smart money management strategies.

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Spotlight Corner: Lighting Her Way to the Top!

This month the spotlight is on AWEC Alumna Charlot Magayi. Not only is she named to Forbes Africa’s 30 Under 30 Class of 2022, she’s just been featured in People magazine for her recognition as one of 15 finalist innovators and now a winner in Prince William’s Earthshot Prize.

The five winners of the prestigious award (including Charlot), were announced earlier this week, and will each receive $1 million grants to scale and accelerate their project's goals, plus support from the Earthshot network for help along the way. 

Charlot is the Founder and CEO of Mukuru Clean Stoves, a social enterprise that designs, produces and distributes improved, reliable and affordable cook stoves for low-income households.

Congratulations Charlot!

LISTEN: Her First 100k

Tori Dunlap is a trailblazing force in the world of finance, empowering women to become financial producers and not just consumers. By teaching money-smart practices like saving more, spending smarter and having confidence she's breaking down barriers that have held back far too many people for centuries. Her website offers templates, tools, courses and workshops on the road to financial freedom.

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This book offers an invaluable resource to anyone looking for a life-changing boost. It provides the tools needed to discover true abundance in career, relationship, and financial goals - along with personal transformation on every level! Author Lisa Nichols outlines the steps required using her 4 Es framework: Enrichment; Enchantment; Engagement; Endowment creating a complete foundation for manifesting fulfillment in all aspects of living.

Atinuke Adegboye, CEO, Desolaf Consulting

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Business leaders need to adjust to a new trade landscape that is very different from the rules and guidelines that have been in place for over 30 years and they must do this as geopolitics is reasserting itself over geoeconomics as the organizing principle for trade. Listen to Victor Fung, Chairman of the Fung Group and the Asia Global Institute, and Sam Palmisano, Chairman of the Center for Global Enterprise and the America's Frontier Fund, discuss the three pressing questions that CEOs must answer for themselves and their companies. 

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