Business Alert: Confidence in Canada's Economy is at Risk
As a result of the uncertainty created by the Government of British Columbia, Kinder Morgan announced their intention to suspend all non-essential spending on the federally and provincially approved Trans Mountain Pipeline.

This is no longer an issue about whether a pipeline should be built. It’s an issue of whether or not businesses – large or small, across our economy – can invest with confidence knowing the rules won’t change after the fact.

At stake is more than a pipeline project.

Family-supporting jobs and small business, billions in new tax revenues for schools and hospitals, and ultimately Canada’s global reputation as a country for safe and secure investment is at serious risk.

The Vancouver Board of Trade released a letter was released which now has signatures from 76 organizations across the country to Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and Cabinet. This letter echos support of the Trans Mountain Pipeline project, not only because it is necessary infrastructure project for Canada but because the global reputation of our country as a safe and secure place to invest and do business is at stake.

Call to action

To voice your support for the Trans Mountain Pipeline project and Canada's reputation as a safe place to invest, fill out the form located on to submit your letter to Prime Minister Trudeau, Cabinet and the governments of BC and Alberta.
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