Lethbridge Chamber Advocates for Three Policies at Provincial Level
The Lethbridge Chamber of Commerce presented three policies at this past week's Alberta Chambers of Commerce Annual General Meeting.

All three proposed policies were adopted by the Alberta Chambers and will become part of the provincial policy book to be advocated for at the provincial government.

Policies that were adopted are:
  1. A Systems Approach for Provincial Transportation Systems
  2. Small Scale Renewable Energy
  3. Water for Sustainability
A Systems Approach for Provincial Transportation Systems
That transportation systems are intrinsically linked to economic development is a self-evident truth.

However, there is a growing trend in the transportation planning literature, and in the developed plans of both national and provincial organizations, to consider best-practice for this discipline in terms of multimodal transportation planning.

A cost-effective and efficient transportation network in Alberta requires a systematic planning approach collaboratively directed by a provincial body.

Specifically, it requires all key public and private sector organizations in the province to work together in coordinating a holistic transportation system where long-term development objectives that provide an equitable, cost-effective, and reliable means of moving people and goods are examined. 

Small Scale Renewable Energy
This policy recommends that the Provincial Government create a program, to incentivize the development and operation of small-scale renewable electricity generators (0.1MW - 5MW).

Water for Sustainability
This Federally-focused policy recommends that the Government of Canada institute a national water strategy with the aim of improving water management issues across the country as it becomes more and more certain that the fresh-water future of the world is in jeopardy.