Dear Restaurant Owners
COUNT DOWN to Reopening Day can begin in earnest. Restore Illinois Phase 3 allows restaurants and bars to open outdoor seating HOORAY! Maybe it's not the full opening you might have hoped for, but it is definitely an opportunity to regain the confidence of your customers. Outdoor seating is a chance to show your customers how you intend to serve them safely in a post Corona Virus world. Consider this a preview of what customers can expect when they return to the dining room. If you have can redesign the space to provide the dining experience your customers expect from you, you can begin to win back your customers. The City of Peoria would like to assist you in winning back your customers. The City of Peoria is seeking your feedback on what regulatory relief we can provide that might be helpful in a post COVID-19 operating environment. Take a few minutes give us your feedback This change would help me!

Rethinking the Business Model Post COVID-19
Larger restaurant organizations were able to pivot into curbside during the shutdown. Franchisers and corporate stores provided a template for creation of the union between dine-in services and outbound services such including: online, delivery, takeout and curbside pick-up. Not everyone restaurant was able to adapt as quickly as others. If you need assistance with adapting to the coming changes of operating in a post Corona Virus environment there are resources available at no charge. Resilience begins with understanding. Gathering data is the foundation of building your knowledge base. Student consultants can help. If you are interested in working with a student consulting team to do market analysis, competitive analysis, and gain customer feedback on operating post pandemic here is a resource to assist. I am interested in market analysis post COVID-19

Scaling Up Illinois Restaurant Operations: Exploring Options

In our community, restaurants represent a critical element of our social and economic well-being. We're all eager to see restaurants reopen and employees back to work. Here are two webinars Scaling up Restaurant Operations to address management issues and ways to plan to reopen safely. Opening Safely This series is presented by Illinois Restaurant Association and University of Illinois College of Agriculture, Consumer & Environmental Sciences, Department of Food Science and Human Nutrition and hosted by University of Illinois Extension. The links provide the dates and details for each webinar.

Originally, this notice was slated to discuss the Peoria Stabilization Funding. We changed the content based on the updated guidance from Governor's office on outdoor seating in Phase 3. Look for this discussion in our next notice.

This notice (BCC19-13) is our thirteenth , and many more will follow to inform you of resources available through the City, County, State, Federal Agencies, and other partners. So please share this with other businesses that would benefit. Our next notice (BCC19.14) will focus on Peoria Stabilization funding for local area businesses.

We encourage all to comply with the stay at home order and practice social distancing.


Kevin S Evans
Kevin S. Evans
Senior Economic Engagement Specialist