Dear Restaurant Owners

Restaurants/bars/brew pubs/distiller pubs (with food service) may...
Remain open and sell alcohol under the exception for restaurants and other facilities that prepare and serve food, but only for consumption off-premises, through such means as in-house delivery, third party delivery, drive-through, curbside pick-up, and carry-out.
REMINDER – General Statutory  The Illinois Liquor Control Act generally prohibits "any person to have in his possession for sale at retail any bottles, casks or other containers containing alcoholic liquor, except in original package " 235 ILCS 5/6-22.

An exception to this rule allow retailers to sell beer Growlers and Crowlers.

Not Allowable
Sale of premixed cocktails in non-original containers would not be allowable

Alcohol has been a revenue center for many restaurants. This reminder should be helpful in highlighting the guidelines you should adhere to when offering alcohol to customers for off-premise consumption.
If you would like to be included in a  list of restaurants open for curb-side pickup ,  delivery, carryout and alcohol.  Register Here! : Our list is constantly changing, we encourage customers to call ahead or check your restaurant’s website for further information or direction prior to placing an order. 
Customers who utilize curb-side services are also encouraged to follow some commonsense driving laws when picking up their orders; including the following:
- Do not stop in traffic lanes
- Do not bock fire hydrants
- Do not stop in handicap parking spaces
Parking spaces in front of restaurants that offer curb-side service, carryout and pickup need parking spots reserved for customers.   Downtown Restaurants should have meters bagged to identify designated Curbside Pickup areas. To obtain more information on designating parking or bagging a meter email.

This notice (BCC19-6) is our sixth, and many more will follow to inform you of resources available through the City, County, State, Federal Agencies, and other partners. So please share this with other businesses that would benefit. Our next notice (BCC19.3) will focus on Digitizing your Business.

We encourage all to comply with the stay at home order and practice social distancing.


Kevin S Evans
Kevin S. Evans
Senior Economic Engagement Specialist