Business Bulletin
September 2021
5 Tips to Amplify Your Holiday E-Commerce Sales
This year the Covid resurgence, supply chain shortages, and the end of pandemic-era benefit programs have injected some uncertainty into the e-commerce marketplace, meaning sellers will potentially face more competition for less holiday traffic.

Within this environment, it’s critical for small businesses (SMBs) to lock in their strategies early. In other words, if you’re not already planning for the holidays, you’re already behind.
7 Improv Techniques That’ll Make Conversations at Work Less Awkward and More Productive
Talking to people at work can be challenging and stressful. What do you do with your hands? How long should you hold eye contact? What do you even talk about? And if you’re used to working from home, face-to-face interactions can feel even more overwhelming. Improvisation can help.
Lanza Tu Negocio Bajo la Estructura Correcta
Sea que estés considerando lanzar una empresa u optimizar su estructura actual, si trabajas con un mentor de negocios puedes acelerar el tiempo de llegar al mercado. Trabajar con un mentor también permite que tu empresa tenga mejores oportunidades de obtener la estructura financiera y legal ideal que buscan los banqueros, inversionistas y potenciales socios de negocios al considerar tu empresa para el financiamiento.