Business Bulletin
December 2021
Member Perspectives: To Support Your Business
Members are sharing subject matter expertise focused on improving the workplace, uplifting neighborhoods in our region, and issues relevant to the changing needs of our business community.
Data Storytelling: How to Effectively Tell a Story with Data
When you hear the term “data analysis,” what do you think of? Your mind may jump to scouring spreadsheets, implementing algorithms, and making mathematical calculations—all “hard skills” of data analysis. Yet, hard skills are useless without their soft skill counterparts. It’s not enough to just analyze data; you need to know how to communicate the story it tells in a clear, compelling manner—a skill called data storytelling.
Reducing Defensiveness: 5 Strategies for Influencing Behavior
When I’m facilitating a group, my goal is to encourage conversation, create a learning environment, and increase the effectiveness of the group. If I violate beliefs about their autonomy, intelligence, or morality, it could cause them to raise their deflector shields (think Star Trek), which inhibits learning because there is no information coming in—or going out. So how do we manage around this?