Before we proceed to this week's summer series, we offer a moment to reflect on the powerful changes happening in our country. Included here is a link to some of the voices that need to be heard ... and a link to Associate Dean, Bob Day's recent words to the hearts all UConn Business Students.
When you are ready - this week's interview question:
" Can you give an example of a time when you exhibited Agility ?"

Answer: " When my 2020 summer internship was cancelled, I created opportunities for micro-internships / experiential learning. Let me tell you about what I learned ..."

Our summer series is designed to help you answer this future interview question and to provide you with weekly opportunities to build
your story - in 4 categories (see below).

 Choose any or all categories that align with your
career fitness goals for the week.

Kicking off - Foundational Training
Digital Career Fitness - Technology
Pivot Moves - Career Options
Jump in with Employers