This week's interview question:
" What are you passionate about ? "

Sample Answer:
"I am passionate about building opportunties for growth and change in my local community, which is why I am applying for this Digital Marketing role at the Community Health Center ."

Hint: By asking what you’re passionate about, the employer can get a better idea about you as a person, to see if you are a good culture fit that aligns with the company’s values, beliefs and attitudes.

Our summer series is designed to help you answer this future interview question and to provide you with weekly opportunities to build
your story - in 4 categories (see below).
Kicking off - Foundational Training
The best networking is when you start the communication with "How can I help you?" This week, Mik offers insight on networking ... and then we encourage you to use design thinking to benefit both you and your future organization.
Digital Career Fitness - Technology
Over the past decade, companies across industries have digitized their operations and processes. Even now, businesses are employing artificial intelligence to streamline workflows and supply chains. Click below to read more
Pivot Moves - Career Options
The economic environment of the Summer of '20 can provide an opportunity to reframe summer career plans and focus on creating change in your corner of the world. Read more for options and examples...
Jump in with Employers
Two top employers offer resources and networking to plan your next steps... click on each link to register