This week's interview question:
" What kind of events do you attend outside of work or school hours ? "

Sample Answer:
"I am an amatuer chef who loves to create new recipes. On any week night, you might find me testing out new recipes at home or
participating in virtual Chef Cooking Classes ."

Hint : Employers will ask questions designed to encourage
you to show them your personality. Many work environments require employees to work on teams. The recruiters job is to identify candidates who would bring energy, enthusiasm and design thinking to the team .

Our summer series is designed to help you answer this future interview question and to provide you with weekly opportunities to build
your story - in 4 categories (see below).
Kicking off - Foundational Training
With physical distancing guidelines, job interviews will held in a virtual format for the near future. It is especially important, in a virtual format, to practice the skills that allow your personality to shine thru while maintaining professionalism. Click below for resources ...
Digital Career Fitness - Technology
Technology drives this week's engagement with alumni and employers ... See spotlight events below to highlight your personality through personal interactions and entreprenurial insights
Pivot Moves - Career Options
How does a love of baseball and a UConn Accounting degree combine for a successful career in business? Read a recent article about a UConn alumni who shares his insight on his personality and passions...
Jump in with Employers
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