This week's interview question:
" Tell me about your experience supporting the goals of a team. It can be a work, academic or sports experience . "

Sample Answer :

"In my most recent role as a Sales Intern, I learned the importance of building a network. In my approach, I believe in providing resources to others first to build a collaborative relationship. Here is an examle of a project that I completed ... "

Hint :
As a School of Business student, you have many opportunties to develop and utilize team building skills such as class projects, Case Competitions, Student Associations, HuskyTHon ... think broadly when telling your story

Our summer series is designed to help you answer interview questions and to provide you with weekly opportunities to build your story - in 4 categories (see below).
Kicking off - Foundational Training
This past week, the UConn Alumni Association hosted their Elevate - Career Hacks Webinar. While these events are traditionally presented to alumni, the current virtual environmnet allowed them to open the event to both alumni and current students. Judy Stewart, BUSN Stamford Career Consultant attended the event and has currated a list of recommendations for undergraduate students.
Digital Career Fitness - Technology is top Technology company that consitently hires UConn BUSN students. They are also one of the top job boards that highlights companies and links current job openings. Here are some tips on how to use the resource effectively.
Pivot Moves - Career Options
Have you considered remote work as an option for a career? We have highlighed some ideas here for you. Important note: Remote Roles are intentional jobs and not office roles that have been temporarily converted to a virtual format. 
Jump in with Employers
Even during these challenging ecomonic times, employers are still seeking UConn Talent. Continue to monitor your UConn Handshake account - as well as watching for curated job lists