This week's interview question:
" When researching our company and the role for which you have applied, tell me which area of the company is the most intriguing to you and your career goals . "

Sample Answers :

"The job and its responsibilities are what is most interesting. In addition, I have read about your Company’s Inclusive programs and marketing and would love to hear more from your point of view…”


"As a leader in my university's African American Cultural Center, I felt a strong connection with your organization when I read about the impactful work being done by the company's Employee Resource Group for diverse communities ... "

Hint :
There are several parts to this interview question which
invite conversation and reflection.

First , the company wants to know that you have researched their organization and understand its mission / goals. This type of research and reflection is a strong indicator to the company that you were intentional in your application for their job and that you did not simply hit "Apply" to any and all open positions on a job board.

Second , if you are applying to a company that highlights its strong cultural support for its employees and the community, it is assumed that a culture of inclusivity is important to you in your goals - here is where you can share your personal values and importance of culture.

Our summer series is designed to help you answer interview questions and to provide you with weekly opportunities to build your story - in 4 categories (see below).
Kicking off - Foundational Training
When thinking about where you would like to start your career, it helps to take some time for self reflection. Consider if there are personal identities that you most closely align with (i.e. race, gender, age, sexual orientation, occupation - among others). Having put some thought into your personal identity, you can consider the culture of companies that align with your views while you create a target list of potential employers.
Digital Career Fitness - Technology
Using Digital Technology can help inform your career search. Just as importantly, it can also offer you tools for meditation, insight and
self reflection and ease anxiety.
Pivot Moves - Career Options
Jump in with Employers