This week's interview question:
" Please describe a time when you faced a challenge. How did you meet the challenge? What did you learn from it?"

Sample Answer :

"During my summer internship, I was tasked with updating client data into an internal computer program. After several days of trying to update the data but continiously receiving error messages from the program, I spent some time analyzing the algorythm. I then approached my supervisor and asked if I could create a new program that would offer an easier interface for the users. I was able to write a simple program that was highly adaptable and provided a savings of signicant time for future updates. I learned that as long as I stayed in communication with my supervisor, my skills and suggestions had value and could offer unexpected benefits to the team."

Hint :
Challenges can come in many forms. It can be a work challenge, an environmental challenge, a personal challenge. While this is an opportunity to use your story telling skills to share insight into a challenge and what you learned from it, it is important to know that this question - and your response - should not be one that causes you anxiety or stress to speak about . Focus on challenges that you are comfortable speaking about and ones that you can relate to the job or the type of work that you will be doing.
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