This week's interview question:

"What leadership skills do you find most useful? Tell us about a time when you were able to utilize those leadership skills?"

Sample Answer :

"One of the leadership skills that I find most important is the art of listening. An effective leader should listen first to learn about the team, the project and the goals before she takes any next steps. I learned this skill when working on a case competition for my Sales and Leadership Assocation. We did not have an official leader, but when I saw how we were struggling to pull together our presentation, I recommended that we take a step back to identify each member's strengths and to assign ssegments based on those strengths. Our team came in 2nd place for Product Design but came in First Place for Team Dynamics.

Hint :
Be sure to notice that this is a two-part question.
To provide a complete answer, first identify the leadership skill that is important to you and then tell a short story about when and how you utilized that skill.

This is a good time to reflect on situations when you may not have been in a position of authority but a role for which you took the lead to complete a project. Leadership does not always come with a title. While it is great to share that you were the President of a student association, you may have developed equally strong leadership experience and skills, by taking the lead for something when there was no clear line of authority.
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