This week's interview question:

" I see on your resume that your Summer 2020 internship was cancelled due to COVID19 restrictions. Tell me about that experience."

Sample Answer :

"In the Fall of 2019, I interviewed for, and accepted an offer, of a highly competitive internship in Investment Banking. Unfortunately the position was not converted to virtual role, so in March it was necessary for me to reassess my job search. I admit that it was frustrating to lose the role at the last minute when there were few job opportunities available. As an alternative, I enrolled in a summer course which helped me to develop my knowledge of the Fintech industry which is how I became interested in your bank."

Hint :
The Summer of 2020 will be remembered as a time of enormous disruption. Recruiters understand that students, along with the rest of the world, have had to adapt to new realities and to pivot their expectations. This week we are focusing our series on how to confront the emotional changes that come with great change.

The reality is that many business students have had internships and full-time offers rescinded or postponed. Business Career Consultants traditionally recommend avoiding the topic of emotions during an interview, but in our current environment, emotional intelligence and self awareness will be an important part of successful interviewing.

The best way to answer difficult questions is to be prepared with a story about how your career plans were affected while acknowledging how it impacted you. Disappointment and/or a lack of control are understandable feelings during this time and it is okay to share that initial feeling. When you share your emotional reaction, your success hinges on concluding your answer by explaining how you adapted to learn a new skill or identifying new areas of interest. The growth that you experienced is the key outcome.
Our summer series is designed to help you answer interview questions and to provide you with weekly opportunities to build your story - in 4 categories (see below).
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