Business Exit Preparation or Exit Optimization
Seminar March 6th 11:30am to 1:30pm
(Limited seating to 20 CEOs lunch will be served)

The “Silver Tsunami” is a phrase coined to describe baby boomer business owners facing the reality of retirement and having to decide what to do with their company. Will you be happy or euphoric with your outcome?
If you're a baby boomer owner or CEO of a manufacturing business generating more than five million dollars a year in sales, this is a must-attend event. The difference between preparing yourself and your business for a future exit and preparing yourself and your business for future optimization could be the difference in millions of dollars to you personally.
Thousands of baby boomer business owners across the U.S. are having to think about what to do with their companies for the future.  Whether it’s a succession plan to the next generation or selling a portion or all of the business to a third party, all paths require building a business that can bring them top value. 

You will hear from seasoned professionals in manufacturing and service-related industries about how any business should go about preparing their business for a future successful exit event. You will also learn actionable techniques that can help take away your uncertainty as to what exit preparation steps you should be taking now.
Larry O’Toole
Founder, Yosemite Associates
Expertise:  CEO, Corporate Director, Author, Consultant, Keynote Speaker /Exit Optimization, Planning, and Management
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Jeffrey Hipshman, CPA
Jodi Rostrom, CPA
Art Wiederman ,CPA
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Bill Ellermeyer
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Gregory Hellman
Vice President Bank of the West
Expertise:  Financial Exit Planning
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