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Working With Tiffany, Virtual Assistance and More.
We are excited to announce our new website launch in community partnership with TruFund Financial Services, Incorporated. We know that our website is your first introduction to Working With Tiffany and we want you to have the best experience. On the home page of our website, you can book a Discovery Call for us to learn more about your Virtual Assistance needs. Watch our review on the difference between the websites.
Board of Directors Appointment
There are 3,395 non-profits in Mobile, Alabama according to Tax Exempt World. Local non-profits are the heartbeat to communities, citizens see a need and try to fill it. That's exactly what Latonya Patterson is doing. Dubbed a," Hood Angle," Mrs. Patterson, has worked to lift up young parents and provide them with resources to be self-sufficient.

Ambitiously Him and Her King Foundation's mission is to provide teenage and young adult parents (ages 13-23) with appropriate skills to live productive, positive and contributing lives. Their purpose is to actively reduce teen pregnancies, school dropouts, unhealthy living habits, toxic relationships and poverty amongst the population.

Chief Executive Officer, Tiffany Harris-James, had this to say about her invitation to serve. "It is an honor and a pleasure that I was asked to serve on the Board of Directors. I was a teenage parent and I have never seen an organization that encourages young parents to keep dreaming in the way Ambitiously Him and Her King Foundation does. I am eternally gratefully to Latonya Patterson and her team for laying the foundation that encourages self-care during parenting, motivation in continuing education, and honestly healing from trauma.

Congratulations, Mrs. James-Harris and serve well. You can signup to volunteer with Tiffany to be a apart of the Ambitiously Him and Her King Foundation. Virtual positions are available. Don't let being physically present, stop your presence from being felt. Click here to view the press release.
February's Celebratory Theme:
Black History Month
Mobile Area Black Chamber of Commerce is also celebrating 2022 Black History in style. You can learn more about interesting Black History facts by visiting their Facebook page. If you are in the area on Friday, February 18th at 11:00 am, we invite you to come and celebrate with us.

In support of Black History our Facebook page this month features an assortment of shares from local black businesses and nonprofits in solidarity of making history. Join us in these activities as we celebrate #BlackHistoryMonth2022.
Tickets to Mobile Area Black Chamber
of Commerce Luncheon
Individual Small Business Member of the Year
Having a business is suppose to be fun, even though it can be stressful at times. A membership at a local Chamber of Commerce, can assist you by providing direction and even giving referrals to creditable local service providers. Working With Tiffany, Virtual Assistance & More, is proud to be recognized as an Individual Small Business Member of the Year during their holiday luncheon.
Monthly Workshop
Every month we will host a workshop to assist you in getting a clearer vision to work with a Virtual Assistant.

This month we are focusing on creating a One Page Business Plan. This workshop is perfect for business owners, new business ventures and even nonprofits.

Join us on Online, Saturday, February 19, 2022 at 10 am. Register at