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Business Law Developments - Fall 2021
MH Wins $35.4 Million Arbitration Award in Shareholder Dispute
In a recent case handled by MH attorneys, Gerard Mantese and Fatima Bolyea, the shareholders agreement provided that if an owner resigned from the company, he could demand to be bought out for his percentage ownership of the company’s stipulated value. In this case, two owners left and triggered their buy-out rights. When the remaining owner refused to honor the agreement, claiming it was ambiguous, the departing owners brought an arbitration proceeding. After a four-day hearing, they prevailed and were awarded $35,400,000. This case highlights the importance of well-drafted shareholder agreements and operating agreements, and the necessity of retaining experienced trial attorneys when things go south. 

MH Obtains $40 Million Recovery
in Real Estate Dispute

Real estate deals and real estate litigation are part of the landscape in the business world. MH recently handled a case involving a real estate empire owned by a sister and a brother, and several others. When the brother took actions that were oppressive to the sister, including over-charging for certain services, MH brought suit and achieved a resolution after mediation and related arbitration providing the sister with over $40 Million in cash and property. This case again points out the importance of having a well-drafted operating agreement in place before going into business. The case was handled by Gerard Mantese, Doug Toering and Terry Osgood.  

MH Protects Executive
from $9.6 Million Lawsuit
Corporate directors and officers generally wield significant influence, but this comes with significant risk. MH recently defended the founder, majority shareholder and President of a multi-national construction company who was unfairly sued for $9.6 Million as an individual defendant by a joint venture participant that worked with the company on several large-scale construction projects. After successfully moving the lawsuit out of the plaintiff’s home state and into a more objective forum, MH methodically deconstructed the plaintiff’s claims through precise depositions and a close review of the communications between the companies involved in the joint ventures. With the weaknesses in the plaintiff’s claims exposed, the plaintiff agreed to dismiss the case with prejudice in exchange for a nominal insurance settlement based on the remaining cost of defense. MH’s client paid nothing and received a full release of all claims against him. Ian Williamson and Fatima Bolyea handled this case.  
Doug Toering Honored with Business Law Section’s prestigious Schulman Award

The Business Law Section of the State Bar of Michigan will confer the Stephen H. Schulman Outstanding Business Lawyer Award on Doug Toering, a Managing Attorney at MH. This award is conferred once annually and honors Michigan business lawyers who consistently exemplify the characteristics the Business Law Section seeks to foster and facilitate: the highest quality of professionalism, the highest quality of practice, and an unwavering dedication to service, ethical conduct, and collegiality within the practice of law.

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