Business Office News
June 18, 2018
Summer Research Salary
If you are expecting summer research salary for July or August, the following information should be sent to Linda Williams ( ) in the Business Office as soon as possible:
  1. Amount to be paid (half month, full month or other amount). Will need specific amount if different from half or full month.
  2. What account(s) should be charged and at what percentage(s)?
  3. Should the payment include retirement benefits?
  4. The request will need to include approval by the appropriate supervisor/PI.
Itemized Receipts
Itemized receipts are required for ALL purchases, if the business office doesn’t receive an itemized receipt you will have to request discretionary funds from the Dean.

An itemized receipt has ALL of the following pieces of information on it:
1) Business Name
2) Date
3) Item(s) Purchased
4) Price of Each Item
5) Total Amount of Bill
6) Method of Payment

When expenditures include the purchase of food the supporting documentation must include an original, itemized receipt which includes the time, place, and date of the purchase; a description of the business purpose; and a list of attendees, regardless of the funding used.

College Research Policy Change
We are making a change to how the college handles project expenses incurred before an award is received or before an account is set up. If work is going to be done for a sponsored project then an E account MUST be requested by the PI and approved by the department Chair. What an E account will do is simplify the post-award process. If you have not yet received an award but want to start working on the project, then you MUST send an email to with a start date and Chair approval so that we can have OSPA set up the account. We will set up accounts for up to 90 days, that can be extended depending on the circumstances. An IAF with standard attachments (abstract, budget and justification) must be received by OSPA before they will set up the E account.

New Kentucky 5% Flat Tax Change
Kentucky House Bill 487 became law on April 27, 2018, which includes the new 5% Kentucky flat income tax rate. The new law requires employers to withhold Kentucky income tax of 5% on employee taxable wages. The University of Kentucky implemented the tax update on the BW #12 payroll and biweekly employees will see a change in the amount of Kentucky income tax withheld from their pay checks issued today.
Based on further review and discussion with the Kentucky Revenue Cabinet, we will retro the new 5% rate on the MO #06 and BW #13 payroll periods back to May 1, 2018, thus employees will see changes in the amount of Kentucky income tax withheld from their June 29th pay checks. Additionally, BW #13 employees may see a change in their net pay as some employee benefits will not be withheld on the third biweekly payroll in June.  
Please contact Payroll Services at 859-257-3946 if you have questions.
Student Lounge
Surplus of Lounge – all items remaining in the student lounge (CPH Research Facility #1, Rooms 112, 112A, and 112B) will be surplused after 6/19/2018. If you would like to claim any remaining furniture please mark with a sticky note and include your name and office location.

The University Surplus Office has extended its hours for faculty and staff to review and checkout available items for their departments. The facility is now open Tuesday, Wednesday, and Friday from 8:00 a.m. to 11:30 a.m. / 12:30 p.m. to 4:00 p.m. for University employees to review available items. If you would like to visit the surplus office make sure to fill out a Surplus Forms - Surplus Authorization Voucher and see Amber Moreland for the Authorizing Signature. University Surplus is located in the Reynolds Building on Scott Street.
Year End Vacation Leave
Year End Vacation & Sick Accrual Reminder - all faculty and staff need to enter vacation and sick leave requests for time taken June 30, 2018 and prior by noon Friday, June 29, 2018 . Supervisors are required to review and approve all leave time prior to noon Monday, July 2, 2018 . It is extremely important to meet these deadlines to ensure accurate vacation and sick accrual reporting for the financial statements.
Phone : 859-323-8586
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If you are CPH faculty or staff and are still on the AD (campus domain) you can submit a UKHCIT ticket and switch to the MC (medical center domain).
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