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September 24, 2018
UKHC IT Purchases
IT Asset Management (ITAM) maintains a warehouse with commonly requested items in stock that can be delivered as needed.

Most end-user IT needs are funded via a HealthCare cost center established by Finance and managed by UKHC IT. For items not funded via the IT cost center, ITAM will request the department cost center and will charge the item to that cost center while processing the purchase.

Items which currently require a funding source:
  • Consumer electronics such as iPads, iPods, Android Tablets, and related accessories.
  • Data Center technologies including servers, storage, networking.
  • All Telephones and related accessories except for Voalte.
  • Non-standard peripherals without a specific business justification. Includes keyboards, mice etc. Items which do have a business justification (such as to meet health accommodations) are covered by IT Cost Center.
  • Storage media including USB drives, CD’s, DVD’s.
  • Printers and print media
  • Audio/Video equipment including projectors, televisions, sound systems, etc.
  • Dragon Microphones
  • Privacy Screens

Requests for non-standard equipment will be addressed on a case by case basis. A business justification will be requested to explain the need for the non-standard equipment. Items which have a clear business need will follow the purchasing guidelines outlined above. Items which do not have clear business need or meet standard criteria will be escalated to management of IT and the department to determine approvals and funding.
Requests for IT purchases funded by a grant should follow the request process outline above to request quotes and equipment specifications. Quotes will be returned to the grant administrator to process the purchase. UKHC IT will assist with receiving, delivering, and setting up the equipment.
Student Travel
I n order to be in compliance with University Policy, the College must follow student travel procedures. There are two payment types when students travel.

  • When traveling as a student we can work with the departments on providing a travel advance via PBS form. 
  • When the student travels as an employee we can submit a Trip and submit for reimbursement.

In either situation, if the student will be presenting or attending a conference abroad, they are required to register with the International Center. This travel registry is for UK students, GME residents and postdoctoral fellows who are traveling abroad on trips funded or explicitly endorsed by the University. All such trips MUST be registered in order to maintain compliance with University student travel policy, and to facilitate coverage under UK’s international medical insurance and evacuation plan. 

If you have questions regarding any student travel situation, please reach out to the Business Office.

Qualifying Date for New Hires
to Receive Bonus Days
Please keep in mind that an individual must be employed on or before Sunday, October 28, 2018 , in a regular full-time or part-time position, in order to receive the special holidays/bonus days this year. Regular part-time employees will be granted holiday benefits on a pro-rated basis.

Get to know myUK Learning
Did your myUK training's disappear?

A new learning management system called myUK Learning is here. This replaces the Training section of myUK and looks similar to the performance evaluation module in myUK. It provides an improved training experience for employees. Canvas will still be an available option for teaching and graded learning.

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