September 2017 

Business Owners Take Note:

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A recent Federal Discussion paper was issued in July that creates substantial tax changes to many private corporations.  The federal government is dramatically changing the tax implications for business owners.  For information on how this might impact you, please read some of the detailed articles available.

The purpose is to work towards tax fairness, however curre ntly the system is designed to provide equal taxes once funds are pulled through the business and withdrawn personally. Business owners can use certain private corporations to defer the withdrawal of income and this is a benefit that the average employee doesn't have.
However, right now Canada is competing in a global economy and it's important that we enco urage our entrepreneurs to create business, create ideas that move our economy forward. Successful businesses move Canada forward as a whole.
Small-Medium Private businesses employ about 45-50% of all working Canadians.  Without many of these structures, there would be far fewer jobs.

So, please speak out and voice your opinion, whether pro or con about this major change to private corporation tax rules.

Here are a few reasons why I do not support it.
*Business owners take on substantial risk to start a business.  They also may earn very little money for many years, and frequently have no job security, no corporate pension plan, no benefits.  On top of that, they usually work many more hours than the average employee.  Why are we penalizing them when the income finally starts to generate?

*A few tax breaks help to compensate them for the many risks they take, and removing this incentive will likely mean fewer entrepreneurs, and less reason for Canadians to take risk?  I believe we need to create incentive to build businesses at this time when it's critical to be competitive globally.

*This new federal tax, is also coming at the same time as the Ontario Bill 148 which affects business owners with increased minimum wage costs, and an increase in empl oyee protection measures.  Some businesses cannot manage these increases at the same time.

*Taxing investment income inside the business at higher rates also means that the companies are taking on more risk as they will often choose NOT to leave funds inside the company.  This money is often necessary to help the business manage the lean periods that most will experience. 

*In the new recommendations, it is more favourable to sell to arms-length parties than to sell to family members.  This seems unreasonable, especially with some businesses where it is often in our best interest to keep it in the family, such as the family farm.
There are many opinions, but it's critical for you to speak with your accountant and more importantly, your MP to voice your opinion on this dramatic change.  

Happy Anniversary to Canadian Income Tax:  
On another note, it's the 100th anniversary of Canadian Income tax.  Here's an article that's interesting to understand the role of income tax over the last 100 years. 

Where were you this long weekend?

As summer winds down, and many families celebrated the last long weekend of the summer, where did you gather? Did you know there were so many names for the family vacation get-away?
As often requested, here's a recent article on some of the tax and estate planning issues surrounding the sale or transfer of your vacation property.
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Financial Planning 
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