February 1, 2022
Throughout the year, we will be highlighting each of Northland’s Business Partners. These are local businesses who are investing in a deeper level in Northland’s mission—and in Northland’s students—by financially partnering with the school. In return, our Business Partners are promoted at Northland and in the community. If you own a business and would like more information about becoming a Business Partner, please contact Sherrie Webb at swebb@northlandchristian.org.
Our Business Partner spotlight this quarter is THINK Neurology for Kids

The Northland Christian School Business Partner is more than simply a financial investment in the school. Our business partners are connectors and mentors who are involved in enriching the student experiences and we are pleased to have THINK Neurology for Kids to once again partner with our school. THINK Neurology for Kids is owned by Dr. Shaun Varghese and Dr. Cristina Marchesano. Their team of physicians are leading providers for pediatric neurological and developmental services in the greater Houston area in addition to other underserved regions of Texas. The physicians treat conditions such as epilepsy/seizures, headaches/migraines, developmental delay, attention deficit hyperactivity disorder, traumatic brain injury, concussion, autism spectrum disorder, stroke, tics, neuromuscular disorders and genetic disorder.
The mission of THINK is to provide accessible, comprehensive neurological and developmental care for children to the highest standards while retaining close personal connections with patients and families. 

THINK is excited to partner with Northland Christian School to drive exponential enrollment growth and local awareness of the NCS experience.

Dr. Varghese serves on the NCS Board of Trustees and Dr. Marchesano serves as a Foundation Board member. Shaun and Cristina have two children, Chase & Blake. They have been generous supporters of NCS for several years and we are blessed to have them and their company involved in the growth of Northland Christian School by committing to 2 more years as a Business Partner.

What is your favorite thing about Northland? Northland Christian School feels like an extended family, fostering meaningful and long-lasting relationships between teachers, parents and students. Northland has been a blessing to our family by providing our children with a superior education, as well as teaching them respect, encouraging spiritual growth, and building their social skills to give them a strong foundation. 

If you could describe Northland in one word (or in a few words) what would/they be? “A Loving Family”.

As a Business Partner, how meaningful is it to know that you are making a direct and tangible impact on our students? We feel extremely blessed to have the opportunity to positively impact the education of Northland students.

Why would you encourage other Northland families with businesses to become Business Partners? Becoming a business partner supports the school we love and improves the education and spiritual growth of our children, while simultaneously providing a great advertising platform for your business. Partnerships are vital for effective branding.