Resources For the Week of 9/18

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This Week!

Professional Development Courses

The Chamber is proud to offer professional development courses and certifications for you and your employees! All of the courses are online and self-paced.

Chamber members receive a 20% off discount on all courses.

Call the Chamber to receive your code (603) 881-8333.

Tuesday, September 19th| 10:00 AM

A Business Plan a Bank Wants to See

In this workshop, we will be interviewing a commercial banker. We will discuss the current market. We will discuss what the bank is looking for in a Business Plan. If you are trying to figure out a business plan, and are researching how to make one, plan to attend this workshop. If you already have a business plan, this workshop may make you tweak what your plan looks like.

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Tuesday, September 19th| 6:30 PM

Get to Know SCORE for Local Businesses and Networking 101:

The Art of In-Person Networking

We will start with an overview of SCORE and how our mentors help small businesses. We will then work on in-person networking and go over some techniques that you can use hands-on to become more comfortable in "working" a room.

We will also have you work on an effective elevator pitch, also known as a 30-second commercial which is a must-have for a business owner. You need to always have your selling shoes on, whether it is in line at the grocery store or at a networking event.

You must have a clear and concise message that tells protective buyers/ guests/ clients what is your unique value proposition, what do or what you offer, and how you can help them. You will have the opportunity to work on your elevator pitch as well as practice in this session.

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Wednesday, September 20th| 10:00 AM

Do I Need a SCORE Mentor?

Join us as we discuss what a mentor does and how our SCORE mentors can help your business grow.

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Wednesday, September 20th| 6:00 PM

Marketing Fundamentals and Best Practices

In this free online workshop, you will learn:

  • Smart marketing fundamentals
  • 10 best practices
  • Small business success stories
  • and useful resources

Join group brainstorming sessions to generate good ideas. The goal is to help you take action right now whether you're starting a small business or growing one.

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