21 sessions over 4 days - all led by Chamber members - strategically placed at 8:00AM, noon and 4:00PM to limit the effect on your workday. You can attend one live session per time slot (9 total) and will receive the recordings of ALL 21!

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Thriving Through Unprecedented Times - Organizational Health Starts with YOU
If this pandemic has taught us anything about our businesses, our community, ourselves... it has shed light on the need to take care of ourselves first and foremost to live a life of optimal well being. Organizational health starts with one, and that one is you. Together we explore what it means to selfcare during such turmoil, and learn to embrace the opportunities that uncertainty provides. Self-care is not selfish, it is everything.
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Understanding Financial Statements
Don’t let financial statements intimidate you! Join us in this hands-on financial statement workshop to understand how to use financial tools to help you manage your business. We’ll tackle the basics of profit and loss, balance sheets, forecasting, and cash flows. Your financial efficiency will positively impact your business’s growth. 
Cannabis & Its Positive Impacts to Lifestyle & Wellness
Cole Peacock, Terry Tincher, Seed and Bean Market
Cannabis is commonly used to treat conditions such as cancer, Parkinson’s disease, anxiety, PTSD and more as listed as qualifying conditions for Medical Marijuana prescriptions in the state of Florida. CBD comes from the hemp cannabis plant and is federally legal without a prescription and is commonly used to alleviate localized pain, stress, insomnia, arthritis and more. Feeding your endocannabinoid system in your body with cannabinoids (CBD) helps many people achieve their wellness lifestyle goal. 
It’s Not a One-Night Stand, It’s Your Brand
Christopher Spiro, Spiro & Associates
Christopher Spiro, Chief Creative Officer of Spiro & Associates Marketing, Advertising, Public Relations and Brand Architecture, discusses the importance of building a strong brand personality, and how it keeps your clients and staff from cheating on you.
12:00PM -1:00PM
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Pandemics, Racial Justice, and Elections:
What Employers Need to Know in 2020 & Beyond
Suzanne Boy, Boy Agnew Potanovic
2020 has been a crazy year for employers, with ever-changing COVID-19 obligations and an increased focus on racial justice on top of an already complex web of employment laws. Suzanne Boy will address legal issues that impacted workplaces in 2020 and summarize developments employers should look out for in 2021. She will also provide key action items and answer questions to further guide employers through HR issues that impact their businesses.
Resilience & Community Relationships Panel
Will Prather & Melissa Vogt, Broadway Palm; Jim Larkin, Crowne Plaza; Diana Willis & Nicole Nunez, Jason’s Deli. Moderated by Jessica Walker, Markham Norton Mosteller Wright & Co, PA
Panelists will discuss how their businesses pivoted to help the community during the pandemic. They will also share how the past months' challenges have affected their businesses and what changes have been made.
Video by the Numbers
Mike Haley, M & M Multimedia
Video isn't just for advertising. Video is also an intelligent, evergreen solution for customer service and training/e-learning. Mike Haley is the owner of M&M Multimedia, a video and web production agency in Fort Myers since 2009. He will present a compelling case study demonstrating how Sony worked with M&M Multimedia to build a YouTube channel which dramatically shrank customer support costs and boosted customer satisfaction and employee morale. Learn how video can be a cost effective tool for your business too.
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Tax Topics Related to Business
2020 was to be the year of clear vision and then a pandemic happened! In the midst of fast moving changes such as the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act, The CARES Act (i.e. PPP), and the Families First Coronavirus Response Act, business tax planning and preparation has never been more crucial. Take steps and plan before 2020 is behind us. Firm partner Angela Cooley, CPA, CCIFP will share updates beneficial to businesses.
Introduction to the Florida Institute for Political Leadership
Andrew Wiggins, Florida Chamber of Commerce
Andrew Wiggins will share about the Florida Institute for Political Leadership (FIPL), a newly formed initiative of the Florida Chamber of Commerce that was created to assist leaders who want to improve their local communities by serving in appointed positions or in elected offices. The Institute is a non-partisan, free program designed to recruit, train and guide people by providing leadership and training opportunities to get better candidates across the State of Florida.
Make Your Mess Your Message
Jason Teeters, SecondMuse
Thousands of people around the world have viewed Jason’s United Nation’s conversation around building businesses resilience across the US in response to COVID. Now as one of the most sought-after motivational speakers, Jason is sharing how he creates unforgettable moments through human connection. Learn how to communicate effectively, whether it’s in front of an audience, at work, or with those you love. Start embracing vulnerability, building resilience, and speaking with purpose.  
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Building the Ultimate Business Plan
The business plan is the foundation of your business. It serves as a communication tool to help you structure, run, and grow your business. This workshop will break down the most important components so you will be able to build a portable business plan that will capture the essence of your company and a roadmap to success.  Learn from a Florida SBDC at Florida Gulf Coast University expert how to take the first step in writing the ultimate business plan effectively and efficiently. 
Pivoting Your Business During Normal & Unique Times
Cole Peacock, Seed and Bean Market
How many of you have been in business long enough to experience the early stages of online sales, Hurricane Charlie or Irma, the ‘08 economic downturn that made SWFL ground zero for business closures/home foreclosures? And now, the COVID pandemic that closed our state and shifted business models on all fronts. Cole Peacock will share areas he believes are consistent with business to meet unexpected challenges: pivoting to a new audience/target market, pivoting services and products; pivoting to working remotely and more. He will also discuss legislative/governmental impacts on business.
Powering Up Your Marketing
Teri Hansen, Holly Boldrin, Melissa Mitchell, Priority Marketing
This year has presented never-before-seen challenges and change to most industry sectors as consumers are thinking, behaving and communicating in a variety of new ways. Like all companies, it's extremely important that small businesses and charitable organizations take an innovative and strategic approach to staying connected with their target audiences. Priority Marketing will share must-know tips and best practices for small businesses, start-ups and non-profits looking to launch or reenergize their marketing programs and cast a bright light on their brand!
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Generating Sales Success in These New Times
Angela Schivinsky, Florida Weekly
Times are changing. Needs are evolving. How people want to communicate varies. Are you in front of the curve? Let's talk about real tips, no tricks, and strategies to keep your sales robust and your team motivated, thriving, and crushing goals. Yes, 2020 has its curveballs…a pandemic…hurricanes…just life…The team at Florida Weekly is still achieving success and growth and you can too. Step one is to join in on this session. Are you ready?
Resume & Cover Letter Writing
Janeth Castrejon, CareerSource SWFL
Resumes are the most misunderstood and misused tool by most job seekers. Let’s dive into: clarifying the purpose of your resume; different types of resumes; the difference between soft skills and hard skills; what is a cover letter and its purpose; knowing what the employer wants, needs, and is recruiting for; and building a resume for the job you are after NOT the job you had! You are the expert in your field, therefore, let us be the experts in the job search process, including guiding you to building a resume and cover letter that will get you where you want to be - in your next career!
Knowing Your Business Ecosystem, Its Attack Surface & Pragmatic Steps to Defend It
John Schlager, Inceptus
With the never ending news stories of ransomware and data breaches do you still think you aren't a target? The first step of knowing how to keep your business protected and out of the headlines is to know where you risk lies. Are you on Office 365? Are you running Anti-Virus? Knowing your attack surface is key to protecting your customers data and your business.
Choose one to attend live and get recordings of the others.
How to Find a Job in a Time of Uncertainty
The world is figuring out how to adapt to this new climate and you can too. Learn what industries are hiring, how you can shift your skills to a new career, and gain an edge.
Government Contracting 101
Looking for an opportunity to grow your sales? Government contracting might be an option for you. This webinar provides you a basic understanding on how to do business with the government. You will walk away with the tools to successfully start a government contract that will make your business more profitable. Landing a government contract can provide long-term growth for a wide-variety of businesses. Robert will walk you through the six steps to follow to prepare, research and bid on contracts at the federal, state and local levels. 
Physical Therapy-When Its Needed
Joe McIlvery, APEX PT
Joe McGilvrey of Apex will share information about when you should seek help from a physical therapist before seeing a doctor, the rules with health insurance on requiring a script or not, and more about how physical therapy can benefit your overall health.

Introduction to a Conversation About Structural Racism & Implicit Bias
Tessa LeSage, FutureMakers Coalition
The introduction to a conversation about structural racism and implicit bias provides an overview of the history of racism, including local history, and concepts related to implicit bias. Implicit bias refers to attitudes or stereotypes that impact our understanding, actions, and decisions in an unconscious manner. The FutureMakers Coalition is committed to facilitating community conversations to shine a light on these topics to strengthen our community's educational systems and workforce and to co-create a better future for Southwest Florida.  
Make 2021 Your BEST Year Ever Through the Power of the 5P’s
What’s it going to take to make 2021 your BEST year ever? Let’s create a vibrant Vision, Strategy, Plan & Action List through a powerful framework that does just that! You’ll wrap up our powerful Business Summit with your personal & professional plan for success in 2021 and beyond. For this presentation, please assure you have your notes ready and an 11x17 piece of paper with colored pencils, markers or crayons. You’re going to love this!
The Business Summit is $75 for Chamber members, which gives you live access to 9 sessions and the recordings of all 21. The cost is $99 for non-members. After you register we will contact you for your session choices. Call 239.332.2930 with questions. 239.332.2930