October 4, 2021
Think Local. Buy Local. Eat Local. Support Local.
Garb2ART is a small but mighty handmade cosmetics company with a creative knack for recycling. Stop and see them for the BEST gloss and bath bombs you'll ever experience! Garb2ART creates a global awareness for recycling, while adding a little light and color.

CinLee Services has been serving businesses in Columbus for over four years. It provides commercial cleaning service for offices, and banking/financial facilities. For CinLee, quality is number one, and clean defines quality with a guarantee.
Gramz is a family owned and operated coffee shop and bakery. It is the place to go for a great cup of coffee, breakfast items, and sweet treats in downtown Columbus. All of its products are baked in-house. It strives to provide the highest quality products available.
2021 Community Partners