Scarborough Businesses Share Experiences

Impact of COVID-19 on local small business owners.
SEDCO interviewed Scarborough business owners to check how their business has been affected by the Coronavirus. Here are their stories. Watch all the interviews on SEDCO's Website or click below.
[Patrick O'Reilly, O'Reilly's Cure]
[Jen Brenerman, Dunstan
Tap & Table]
[Tracey and Victor St John, Mend Health]
[Patricia McIntyre, Perfect Fit Health & Fitness]
[Anne Johnson, ACE Oak Hill
& Dunstan Hardware]
[The Road to Recovery,
Kelly & Mark Hassett - MedCOR Professionals, Jason Perkins -
Perk's Beer and Beverage]

The Paycheck Protection Program resumed for most businesses January 11, 2021. SBA is offering: First Draw PPP Loans and Second Draw PPP Loans for certain businesses who have previously received PPP loan. You can apply for first and second draw PPP loans until March 31, 2021. This program requires you to work with a lender, rather than going straight to the Small Business Administration like the Economic Injury Disaster Loan Program.

We've compiled a list of local lenders and links to their application process or other COVID-19 assistance. Some lenders have the full application process online, others require you to call or email. Please note that almost every lender requires you to have a relationship with the bank. Some will allow you to start an account with them and then apply,

As always, if you have questions, please feel free to call SEDCO. We will get you to the right source for information. Also, be aware that everything is in flux as rules and guidelines are developed at the same time applications are coming in to lenders, confusion is bound to happen. It's hard to say this, but patience and perseverance are required.

MEREDA Conference

Over 500 people gathered virtually at the Maine Real Estate & Development Association's (MEREDA's)annual forecast conference to learn about the state of the real estate economy in Maine. This years's keynote speaker was Hannah Pingree, director, Governor's Office of Policy Innovation and the Future. Find out more about the conference at Check the articles below for the summary of the MEREDA conference:


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