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Thursday April 24, 2014 from 8:30 AM to 4:30 PM

Keiser University - Miami Campus
2101 NW 117th Avenue
Miami, FL 33172


About the Presenter

Dennis C. Jordan
President & CEO
Wall Street
Advisory Group


Mr. Jordan has over 25 years of extensive experience in Investment Banking. Mr. Jordan began his career in the financial markets on Wall Street at the age of 20 and became a registered Stock Broker at the age of 22. Soon thereafter Mr. Jordan was chosen to be one of the "Top 25 Retail Stock Brokers of Wall Street" which were selectively chosen to be part of the special elite unit called the "Wall Street Division" at the prestigious Institutional firm of Phillips, Appell, & Walden. After Phillips, Appell, & Walden fell victim to the market crash of 1987, Mr. Jordan continued to build his client base and team through several institutions, eventually becoming the CEO/President of Independent Securities Investors Corporation (ISIC) a Member Firm. There he gained the prestigious recognition of being one of the youngest Hispanics to ever head a member firm at the age of 28.  Mr. Jordan successfully managed the firm from 1991-2006 in which he was blessed to have sold his accounts, and retire the firm just before the great crash of 2008. During his career on Wall Street Mr. Jordan has assisted over 100 companies through the process of going public.  A pioneer in unique corporate filings structures, and the first to file under Rule 419 (Blank Check Offerings). Mr. Jordan also assisted in the changing of certain securities laws. (Richard Wolf - Wurm Opinion Letter). His most recent filing was that Mr. Jordan brought himself public in December of 2010. (PMX Communities). PMX successfully installed the first ATM Gold Dispensing Machine in which an individual can buy gold bars and coins directly from the machine at real time market prices. The company received global recognition for being the first in the United States.


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Workshop on Small Business Capital Formation & the JOBS ACT
April 24th

Special Guest Appearance by
Congressman Joe Garcia

 The Honorable Joe Garcia
Representing the 26th District of Florida


Workshop Presented by


In this 8-hour hands-on workshop business owners will learn:


Module 1: Introduction to Crowd Funding 

Final Rules - Eliminating the Prohibition Against General Solicitation and General Advertising in Rule 506 and Rule 144A Offerings.Proposed Rules - SEC Proposes Rules to Implement Provision on General Solicitation and Advertising.

Module 2:  Emerging Growth Companies and the Confidential Draft Registration Statement under the JOBS Act.


Module 3:  Procedures in Registering and Submitting a Confidential Draft Registration.



On April 5, 2012, President Obama signed into law the Jumpstart Our Businesses Startups Act (the "JOBS ACT"). This bipartisan legislation is designed to stimulate job growth by making it easier and less costly for smaller companies to raise capital in the United States through a loosening of regulatory restrictions applicable to private offerings, initial public offerings and certain newly public companies.

To help you understand the JOBS ACT and the new regulations, such as the general solicitation rules, and understand how they apply to your business, this workshop will serve as a dedicated resource for up to date and easy to find JOBS Act information, analysis and commentary.  


The U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission adopted new rules that repeal the ban on general solicitation for many private offerings of securities. This will dramatically expand the scope of permitted fundraising activities for many types of investment funds, start-ups and operating companies. It will also make the Internet an integral part of many fundraising efforts. However, there are limitations and trade-offs, and a host of open questions.