If your email inbox looks anything like mine, it’s been inundated with COVID-19 related news and information. I wanted to personally reach out with an email to assure you the Shasta Library Foundation is doing all it can to ensure that support for the Shasta Public Libraries continues – even during this uncertain and historic global pandemic.
Like many other local nonprofits and organizations, the Shasta Library Foundation and the Shasta Public Libraries have been impacted by COVID-19 and the Governor’s directive to shelter in place. All three branches of the library system were closed to the public, staff, and volunteers on Friday, March 20th. Due dates on borrowed materials have been extended until May, or until the library reopens, and online services continue to be available for use. Now is the perfect time to check out a book or magazine digitally.
Despite current disruptions, Shasta Library Foundation staff and board members are actively working to reconnoiter development plans and ensure continued and long-term support for the library. We know that life as we know it will return to normal at some point, so we’re moving forward with efforts to host A Novel Affair: In a Galaxy Far Away on September 26th, 2020.
As a Shasta Library Foundation supporter, you are the lifeblood of our efforts and the library system. While we may not know what the coming days and weeks hold for our community, we do know that your support has directly impacted the children and families of Shasta County through high caliber programs offered at each of the library branches.
There is nothing uncertain about the appreciation the Shasta Library Foundation has for you. Thank you for supporting the foundation and the library. And most of all, thank you for supporting our community. Yesterday, today, and tomorrow.
In health,

Jenn Snider, MPH
Executive Director
Shasta Library Foundation