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  • Limited seats left -- Register Today! Small Business Townhall for Columbia County 
  • Did you miss out? Small Business PPE Store
  • Even in a crisis, don't change your 'why'
  • Lessons from a Recession Entrepreneur 
  • Businesses at risk, COVID cashflow management, and more
Limited seats left -- Register Today! Small Business Townhall for  Columbia County  [PV1]  
The Columbia County Economic Team and The Oregon Restaurant & Lodging Association (ORLA) will host a virtual town hall for you on  Friday, June 26 from 9:30-10:30 am . Join ORLA President & CEO Jason Brandt
This will be useful for any small business, not just restaurants, bars and lodging properties. ORLA has been extremely proactive advising state & local government and businesses throughout Oregon on appropriate guidance and the challenges that all businesses face, though especially in the hospitality industry that is front and center in both COVID and economic impact.

This meeting  is to discuss the COVID-19 impact on Oregon’s restaurants and hotels, and how the hospitality industry in particular is adapting to the new public health standards and economic situation as Oregon continues to reopen, how these things affect all small businesses and how to adapt. Hear about the latest ongoing relief programs and updates at both the state and federal level – for Phase 2 and more.
If you are interested and have questions, want an overview of relief programs and want insights about what the future for your business looks like, this virtual meeting is for you. Everyone is invited, you don’t need to be an ORLA member or even a hospitality business in order to attend and get valuable information and answers to your questions.

Space is limited -- Please register now to RSVP.
FREE and low-cost PPE 

Now we have FREE disposable masks plus at-cost washable, re-usable masks, sanitizer, gloves and gowns.  -- CCET

PPE has been purchased in bulk to make PPE affordable and available for small businesses to order and pick up Friday at the Columbia County Fairgrounds. The program is a collaborative project between the Columbia County Board of Commissioners and Columbia County Economic Team (CCET).

PPE orders will be available for pick-up at the Columbia County Fairgrounds each Friday from 9:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m.  PPE orders should be placed in advance in order to prepare them for pick-up, to reduce waiting time and help maintain proper physical distancing. Product selection and urder forms can be downloaded from CCET’s   small business website  beginning Wednesday, June 17th.  Order forms   submitted by email will be prepared and ready for pick-up during on Friday. PPE may be purchased without pre-ordering, but purchasers should expect longer wait-times. Access to the fairgrounds and the Pop-Up is through Gate 2, 58892 Saulser Road, St. Helens. Purchasers must wear masks and adhere to public health guidelines that have been put in place, including registering all parties for potential future contact tracing.
Simon Sinek: Even in a crisis, don't change your 'why'

Even in tough times, Simon Sinek is an optimist.
“Optimism is not a denial of the current state,” the business coach and bestselling author told business owners during  Inc. ’s latest Real Talk: Business Reboot virtual event on Thursday. “It’s a belief that the future is bright.” It’s a theme that Sinek repeatedly visited during the hourlong conversation, which focused on how great leadership during times of crisis can elevate your company and your team’s work.

For example: More than a decade after Sinek published his 2009 book  Start With Why , he still counsels business owners to make their “why”--the reason they’re in business to begin with--the foundation of their coronavirus-era decisions. “It’s normal for crises to shake our confidence,” he said. "A crisis can put us off course, [but] it doesn't mean the 'why' has changed. It means we stopped focusing on it."
The webinar is full of similarly useful advice. Read our recap to learn Sinek’s thoughts on  what to do when a crisis challenges your purpose , how to adapt (or not adapt) your leadership in a difficult business climate, and the power of listening--especially in conversations about race. You can also  watch video clips of the event’s highlights .
Register FREE: Lessons from a Recession Entrepreneur 

Join  Inc . for a conversation with serial entrepreneur and Managing Partner of Inspired Capital Alexa von Tobel. Having started her financial planning company LearnVest in 2008 during The Great Recession (and sold it for a reported $375 million in 2015), von Tobel knows firsthand how to lead an organization through difficult times. During her talk, she will discuss the impact of the coronavirus pandemic and subsequent financial upheaval on launching and scaling a business. Alexa von Tobel will also share why it’s important to stay close to your customers during these challenging times and how to leverage what you learn from them in order to survive. Register here…

These  unexpected business offerings   will be casualties of a post-Covid world. --Inc.
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Columbia County Economic Team (CCET) and Keep It Local are working to assist businesses navigate through the Coronavirus pandemic and resulting economic disruption….and plan for recovery. Business survival and retention is a top priority. We all want to emerge from the other side of this able to restore our businesses, livelihoods and economy. Reaching out countywide, Columbia County Economic Team will be communicating with you regularly.
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Columbia County Economic Team