~ May 20, 2021 ~
University of Michigan: Andrew J. Hoffman
This innovative course brings together ideas and students from the schools of business and public policy to ask, "What is the role of the government in the market? What is the role of business in policy-making?” (also see
Pairagraph: Oren Cass, Howard Marks
"Who should decide for society what transactions are 'valuable,' and by what standards?"
"Above all, decide to be OK with seeming eccentric." What lessons can more deliberative cultures teach about constructive engagement with technology?
The Daily Yonder: Donna Kallner
"I am struggling with the notion that workers reluctant or unable to return to jobs in the retail, service and manufacturing sectors are to blame for everything that is keeping us from getting back to normal." How do social and economic factors converge to influence job transitions?
Knowledge@Wharton: Adam Grant, Erika James
What lessons are key to "one of the hardest things to master" in business? (also see Katy Milkman on "How to Change")
ESSEC Knowledge: Stefan Gröschl, Laurent Bibard
"Many businesses recognize the role that their employees play and react by offering cross-disciplinary learning and development opportunities: business schools need to do the same." What shifts are needed for management education to prepare students for a more equitable, sustainable future? 
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