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Thursday, May 28 at 1pm (EDT)
CKCA Roundtable - A National Discussion #2 with guest speaker
Through CKCA membership, you get access to all CFIB resources. Every week they are producing webinars to answer your most pressing questions.

On a federal and provincial level, they are influencing government while representing the interests of independent business in Canada.

Listen to most recent May 21 webinar (recorded) Click here.

CKCA welcomes special guest speaker Ted Mallett, Chief Economist and Vice-President, CFIB
COVID-19 has upended the operations and plans of businesses across the country and around the world. Along with pushing governments for measures to help offset the negative impacts, CFIB has been tracking and monitoring how Canadian businesses are reacting and responding. Ted will provide an overview of the major trends to date and the possible pathways to recovery.

CKCA Members Reminder We are conducting our 2020 AGM virtually. Members received the link to vote - deadline for voting is
May 29, 2020.

You're not alone!
CKCA is looking at different tools to stay connected with you. All the networking value from attending CKCA events has to go on line for the time being. So watch for more interactive opportunities coming your way soon! Email us or call us at 613-493-5858. We're here to help!
Have you experienced a sales drop or increase since Covid-19 happened?
Sales drop
Sales increase
No change, holding steady
Manufacturing sales fall sharply due to Covid-19
Conference Board of Canada states 17 out of 21 industries reporting reductions in manufacturing sales. Read full article here.
This CKCA Member gets stronger!
A busy staff room working on an initial Kaizen activity at Mid Island Cabinets.
We love getting these kinds of stories to tell...
Located on Vancouver Island, Mid Island Cabinets has taken 3 important "behind the curtain" steps to strengthen their business. Read full article here.

"We were already on the path of improvements and were looking into the lean manufacturing method. When we visited the shops that were using the Kaizen method/culture at CKCA's regional event in BC earlier this year, we were just so blown away that we contacted Chris Leonard, Kaizen Institute very shortly thereafter. So far we have been very impressed with Chris and are looking forward to working with them as we progress through the Kaizen program."

Kathy Hatcher
Mid Island Cabinets
Business Opportunity?
Over 90% of Canadians over the age of 55 want to live/age at home.

Aging clients - Do you have what they need?
After the release of a report about shocking conditions in long term care homes ( see news here), it would be no surprise that Canadians rethink their aging strategy.

Last Fall CKCA hosted speaker John Robertson, HomeEXCEPT who talked about how kitchen designers can integrate non-intrusive monitoring into homes, especially the kitchen area which offers many hazards ( click here for presentation). John proposed there are new business models emerging to generate revenue from "smart kitchens".

You could be selling the smart monitoring system, along with monthly monitoring as part of your kitchen business. Another possible pivot?
Do you agree this is an opportunity for kitchen cabinet manufacturers and dealers?
Tools to help you manage
Navigating COVID-19 in Your Business
Amrita Bhogal, People & Culture at Sunrise Kitchens in BC, shares her experience and advice from what she learned managing 115 employees through a pandemic.

" I would like to share my experience over the last 10 weeks in hopes to help others navigate the physical and mental safety of your organization."

R ead more here.
Workplace Safety tool
Whether you have a checklist in place or not, it's always good to see what others are doing. A CKCA member recently shared this handy workplace safety checklist. Feel free to use this if you wish. Click here .
Download the slides here .
A really good perspective in 57 valuable minutes!
A chance to reflect how you are coping during Covid-19 as well as your staff. This is an EXCELLENT webinar worth the time. From the experts at Morneau Shepell, offered through the CFIB website. Get perspective and mental health tools that really help.

Click here to watch webinar.

Are you doing enough to promote your Canadian built product?

As you build or tweak your on-line presence remember to wave the Canadian flag.

Now more than ever consumers want to know where their product comes from.

CKCA developed a pamphlet you can use for this or you can create your own using our handy list of "why buy Canadian". Email us today for details or give us a call at 613-493-5858 .
CKCA is the voice of the Canadian Kitchen Cabinet Industry
Our Vision
The Canadian Kitchen Cabinet Association (CKCA) will inspire progress and innovation in the Canadian kitchen manufacturing industry, by promoting excellence, facilitating continuous improvement and working to ensure high standards for design and manufacturing are upheld by members. We will also build strong relationships and enduring trust between CKCA members and the consumers, builders and industry partners whose support ensures the
success of our members.