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Tuesday, September 3, 2019 -------------------------- ----------------

Congratulations to all of the small businesses that joined us for the new SBOP session during the month of August. It has been a busy three weeks for this group of entrepreneurs. They already have begun to make valuable connections in class, and in the outside world.

For example, thanks to the Regional Business Development Advisory Council (RBDAC) and strategic partners, these small suppliers got to meet government and private sector purchasing agents at the 8th Annual Committed To Our Business Community (CTOBC) event.

Networking is essential to the growth of any organization. In this issue of the Small Biz Update we take a look at five types of connections every small business should have in its network. Plus, you will learn about an invitation to bid on a local construction project. Read on and stay connected to keep your business going strong!

To your success,

Adleen B. Stidhum

Adleen B. Stidhum
Assistant Director - Administrative Services
Purchasing & Contracts Division
SBOP Administrator
We are pleased to have these
small businesses onboard for SBOP 2019-Session 2.
Gemini Abrams, Love Labor, LLC
Phillip Allen, American Federal Security & Protection Group
Yoko Aoki, National Bandwidth Services, Inc.
Claudia Arevalo, Just-Us Services
Stacy Burrell, The Motivational Institute
Natashia Garland, Press Beyond, LLC
Gutierrez-Duarte, Color Print
Crystal Harris, Top 2 Bottom Cleaning Services, LLC
Erwin Ipatzi, Division of Traffic Control Nevada LLC
Griselda Lloyd, CORE Mental Health Services
Rafael Moreno, Moreno Electric
David Papp. TFC Enterprises Inc.
Heather Phillips. Book Trade Shows
Lavael Randel. Trustworthy Janitorial Services LLC
Lauren Reames, Britstan Technology
Priscila Rowley, Rowley Contracting, Inc.
Darryl Schuler, Resurrection Cleaning Services
Chi-Ying Seto, Infinity Engineering LLC
Renee Smith-Black, Coast 2 Coast Printing & Marketing LLC
Nicholas Spindel, On Point Barricade
Ulises Torres, Statewide Contracting Inc
Timothy Tucker, Medieval Concrete Cleaning LLC
Lisa Vargas, Gear Up By Design, LLC
Mark White, JIMMEC
Business Relationships Matter
Strategize to Build a Strong Network
Most business owners learn very early on that relationships are an important part of growing an organization and networking is an effective way to initiate new relationships. If you are among the countless entrepreneurs who have experienced the pain of attending networking events, collecting business cards, and feeling there was no benefit, you are not alone. Research has shown that most people are uncomfortable with networking. The good news is, with practice and a few adjustments in your approach, you may find that mixing gets easier and yields better results.

A Solid Strategy
Consistency matters. Make networking a regular part of your marketing mix and incorporate it into your calendar just as you would any other vital marketing activity. When and where to network will be based on your business goals. You should base your decision on what you are trying to accomplish, in what timeframe, and what types of relationships you will need in order to achieve your goals. Generally, a good business network will include people in five basic categories:

1) Ideal Customers - These are the people you are in business to serve. Get very clear on who they are, why they buy, how they make purchasing decisions, and where they gather in large numbers. If your customers tend to belong to trade and professional associations, participate in their events and consider serving on a committee. On a committee you can deliver significant value for members, showcase your expertise, increase visibility, gain credibility, and form profitable connections.

2) Referrers - Referrers are people who can connect you with your ideal customers and help you generate new business. In many instances referrers are satisfied customers, supporters and colleagues who confidently recommend your goods and services. You may also find great value in sharing your story with friends and neighbors who do not do business with you. When they understand what you do and who you do it for, they are equipped to spot potential customers and send new prospects your way.

3) Strategic Partners - These are small business peers who can help you get the job done either directly through joint ventures, or indirectly by sharing helpful experience, expertise, ideas and connections you need to grow.

4) Advisors - Some advisors are the basic support people you need to keep business running smoothly--like your banker, attorney, accountant, or marketing consultant.

It is also important to have advisors who already have achieved what you are working to accomplish. They can serve as mentors and offer guidance that helps you avoid costly mistakes to advance more quickly. You may connect with potential mentors in a variety of professional settings, including the Clark County Small Business Opportunity Program. When seeking a mentor on your own, start by identifying the person you most want to immulate. A great way to connect with a potential mentor is through a “giving” approach. Demonstrate that you are authentically as concerned about her success as your own, and willing to add value to her efforts.

5) Professional and Business Development - It is important to continuously improve technical skills, and industry trends to keep your business competitive. Professional and trade associations that focus on your industry can help you stay well informed, qualified, and credentialed in your area of expertise. Such organizations often serve as advocates to fight for public policies and laws that are conducive to growing your business.

A Generous Approach
Perhaps the most common networking mistake is for a business owner to walk into an event focused on self, expecting to make an immediate sale or to “get” something from other attendees. That approach tends to make a person look pushy or needy, which is never client-attractive. It is a sure way to turn off the people you most want to engage.

The best approach to networking is to be service-minded, always looking for ways to add value for the people you meet. That does not mean offering your services for free (unless a free trial is part of your business model). It means listening to what they have to say, understanding their challenges, and perhaps offering an idea or resource they may find helpful. 

Be sure to offer appreciation when a new acquaintance offers helpful advice. Expressions of gratitude can go a long way to create good will.

Follow Up Right Away
It is best to reach out to that Purchasing agent or potential strategic partner you just met while your encounter is still fresh on their minds. Your immediate follow up can help you stand out from the countless vendors who either follow up late, or don’t follow up at all. 

One way to follow up is to send an email that offers your new contact a relevant resource or helpful information. Such a small gesture can add immediate value for a prospect and help you move the relationship to the next step. After an event, Reconnect with contacts regularly, based on their areas of interest and the strength of the lead. 

Break Out of Your Comfort Zone
The best time to form business relationships is before you truly need help. While you may be tempted to focus networking efforts on gatherings of your peers, or in familiar settings, it is important to get exposure to new people and ideas that can spark your creativity, your access to business resources, and help you get better results. Start now.
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Opportunity Knocks
Rehabilitation Project

Clark County has invited qualified firms to bid on a rehabilitation project that calls for construction on Charleston Boulevard from Nellis Boulevard to Whitewind Lane. The project also includes construction of the Casa Buena sanitary force main along Charleston Boulevard between Linn Lane and Tierra Buena Drive, and the related lift station upgrade.

Proposals will be accepted on or before August 16, 2019 at 2:15:00 pm  based on the time clock at the Purchasing and Contracts front desk on the 4th floor of the Clark County Government Center, 500 South Grand Central Parkway, Las Vegas, Nevada 89155.

To review the specifications for this project and related documents visit the NGEM (Nevada Gov eMarketplace) website and search for Bid #605335 .
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