South Miami City News & Updates
Jun 17, 2020 | Issue 12
City Businesses are Determined to Succeed
The sudden closures of businesses during this COVID-19 emergency, although necessary, have been difficult on everyone. None more than on the people of South Miami who have put their hearts and souls into their ventures or their dedicated employees on the front lines.

These are our friends, neighbors, co-workers, and the people we see at our local stores and schools. They are our community.

That's why it comes as good news that South Miami residents are now getting back to their favorite salons, restaurants, and fitness gyms for the first time since the pandemic started months ago – a sure sign that the plan to get businesses up and running is working out.

Add to that list summer camps, select park facilities, and public libraries as the City and local businesses are following a three-phase strategy designed to help mitigate the risk of resurgence of the virus.

We are now in Phase 2 , which got underway last week, on June 8.

The Right Direction
Thankfully, so many business owners remain determined to ride this storm out.

Take for instance several new small businesses that are lining up to re-start downtown. Businesses like Garden Café on Sunset, Once Upon Sunset salon, and celebrity Chef Brian’s Comfort Kitchen at Yumbrella. Anybody ready for some world-famous chicken and waffles?

It is reassuring to see that safety guidelines set by our city, county, and state, are being followed, which includes requiring face masks to be worn when inside these businesses and at our parks and other City facilities.

Bars & Nightclubs
The good news is, bars or pubs that are licensed as public food service establishments are allowed to open to sell food and drinks. Bars and nightclubs may submit reopening plans to the City for review and approval.

Parking Enforcement
And as an added perk, to help local businesses and visitors, the City Commission has approved an hour of free parking in the Downtown District for customers when they initiate payment for a parking spot.

The City’s Parking Enforcement program resumed normal operations beginning June 15 and enforcing beginning June 17.

City Hall
The good news also extends to the City’s overall municipal operation. After careful planning, the decision was made to completely reopen City Hall and all other government offices to the public June 1, while also protecting their health and safety – and that of City staff, commissioners, and police.
City offices are once again fully staffed, and strictly observing all safety precautions put forth by the county and state guidelines, driven by CDC and OSHA recommendations.

City Meetings
However, all City Commission meetings will continue to be conducted live via Zoom (as well as via streaming video and public access TV) until July 1– as large-group public meetings in City Hall Chambers are still on hold.

Up-to-date South Miami Meeting information can be found on the City’s website and via the City Clerk .
We’re all in this together. Stay healthy, stay safe – and we’ll see you soon!