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" Happiness is a place between too little and too much."
~ Finnish Proverb

Getting Organized for the Thanksgiving Holiday

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Organized Your
New Year for Success!

Kent Memorial Library
61 Flyer Place
Suffield, CT 06078
January is Get Organized month. Faith Manierre of Busy Bees Professional Organizing LLC will give a presentation on January 19, 2016 at the Kent Memorial Library on helping you get organized.  Come and learn techniques to simplify and reduce the time draining clutter in your home. We will focus on setting up systems in your home to make your activities run more efficiently.

Contact for registration: 


With her patience, understanding, flexibility, and creative approach, Faith Manierre of Busy Bees can develop a customized plan to improve the work flow and time management in your home or office. A professional organizer since 2000, Faith has coached hundreds of residential and business clients in Connecticut and other states, and she can help you, too!

Faith specializes in working with clients who need special support. With gentle encouragement, she teaches people who feel helpless and "buried" by their clutter and disorganization. She gently assists them to achieve their organizing goals and learn new skills they can apply to other areas of their life.

So, if you live with chronic clutter and would like to live a more orderly life, or need extra support due to depression, Attention Deficit Disorder, Hoarding Disorder,
 Obsessive/Compulsive Disorder, or Traumatic Brain Injury, call Faith to find out how to get started on your new organized life!



Receive a 5% discount when you prepay for 10 sessions. Session times are generally 3 hours, either 9 a.m. to noon, or 1 to 4 p.m. during weekdays, unless special arrangements are made. This offer is available only after our first session together. Please mention that you saw this offer in the newsletter.  



Faith Manierre




Fuzzy Fridge?

Is your refrigerator a black hole of fuzzy cheese, past-their-prime veggies, and unidentifiable leftovers? It's time to get organized! 

With the Thanksgiving holiday approaching, it's a great time to get your fridge in order. This is a simple, but high impact, organizing project that can make a big difference in what you eat and how easily and often you prepare meals at home. Check out my helpful tips below...

Take care,

Faith Manierre, CPO-CD ®  and CPO ®
Professional Organizer

12 Easy Refrigerator Organizing Tips
It's time  to  get organized! In just a short time, you can take y our  fridge from funky to fresh! Begin by purging outdated and unsavory foods. Then, wipe down all shelving and bins so they're squeaky clean. Wit your fresh slate, keep these storage tips in mind as you return foods to the fridge.
  • Keep items you use most frequently near the front and at eye level. 
  • Store taller items in the back of the fridge and shorter items in front of them for easy visibility.
  • Don't forget that you can adjust a fridge's shelves to maximize space.
  • Group similar things together. For example, place all drinks on one shelf, veggies in one drawer, fruits in another, condiments on the shelves in the door, and all dairy together on one shelf.
  • Containerize categories of items for easy accessibility. Invest in simple organizing tools, such as a Lazy Susan to hold condiments or a low, open-top bin to corral small jars. 
  • Use a label maker to label drawers, shelves, and containers with the general category of foods stored there. This not only makes it easy to locate the foods you need, but also allows family members to return foods to the correct area after meal prep and grocery shopping.
  • Encourage healthy eating habits by storing good-for-you foods near the front of the fridge in easy-to-grab containers.
  • Items that you store on the door will be subject to slight temperature drops each time you open the door, so opt to place things that don't spoil easily in this area. Condiments, soda, juice, and open bottles of wine are good in the door. Milk and eggs are not.
  • Generally, the bottom shelf is the coldest, so store your meats (in their original packaging) here. That also helps keep any drips from contaminating foods underneath them.
  • Fruits and veggies give off different types of gases, so don't store them together. Vegetables go in the crisper, fruits in the fruit drawer. Cold cuts and cheese can go in the deli drawer.
  • Designate one shelf to store leftovers, and store them in clear containers so you can easily see what you have.
  • Do a five-minute tidy-up the evening before garbage day, purging anything expired or past its prime.
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