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Dear Patricia,

The El Chico Presbyterian Church is a testimony to the wonderful work that God has begun to do in Guatemala through the coaching and training of LoveServes.

They are sustaining outreach ministries to the community: 

  • Supplying pure water for the elderly, the disabled, and sick people in the community. 

  • Organizing cleaning days throughout the village.

  • Distributing food.

  • Environmental care.

  • Counseling. Drug Addicts are set free and serving in the church.

  • Families are reconciling.

Villages are Transformed as people look outside the four walls.

This works. This is proven


Your donation fuels our ministry forward. It enables our training. It creates the ripple effect of transformation. Your donation leads to kingdom impact spanning generations.  

Please become a monthly partner and help us transform communities through healthy local churches.

Pastor Samuel Rodas with the men who were rescued from drugs adiction_LR.jpg

Meet Pastor Samuel Rodas with men in the church.

El Chico Presbyterian Church

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