August 2018 Newsletter
Where are we? Where are we going? What will it take to get there?
These were the questions the Wellspring Board asked back in 2016 that initiated a strategic assessment and after analysis affirmed much of what we expected. One significant obstacle in our ability to effectively move into new opportunities as a ministry was severely impacted by our staff capacity. 

Utilizing our three full time staff and three part-time staff we began to identify what we could do within our existing team and operations to improve until we could add more staff. Initially, we anticipated new staffing would come in the form of an Executive Team, but in 2017 we began to experience the Lord shifting our expectations. 
Take courage. I am building your team. I am strengthening your team.
And I am carrying your team.”
These were the words our staff sensed the Lord speaking in early 2017 during our quarterly staff day of prayer. Little did we know all that God was up to. At the time, we were already in discussions with a few alumni interested in joining our team. God began to open our eyes to see that He was building our team differently than we had anticipated by freeing our current staff of certain tasks and propelling us into our strengths. Over the next few months God orchestrated the hiring of Heather Barham to assist with retreat administration and Cathy Hoffer to join later in the summer as Larry’s executive assistant. Each bringing a wealth of experience, competence and heart that align with our values and needs. 
But God wasn’t done.
Shortly following our spring Board retreat Tim Bennett, board member and chair of our Strategic Team felt the Lord’s invitation to consider leaving his 33 year career at AT&T and explore how he might fit our need for a Managing Director.

It was almost too good to be true. Isn’t that just how God is? Such a good, good Father.
On July 30 th the Wellspring Board unanimously moved to hire Tim Bennett as our incoming Managing Director. Tim’s experience in assessing where organizations are, where they need to be and leading them to the next level was evident throughout his job history and confirmed through his peer and manager references. We believe the strengths he brings to our team position us for success in increasing accessibility over the next 3 years.  
Isn’t that just
how God is?

 Such a good,
good Father.
If that weren’t enough to boost our faith, in the fall of last year we began discussions with Chip Demetri from Greentree Community Church about his interest to step into the call to disciple men’s hearts. In the fall Chip will step down to part-time Worship Leader at Greentree and join Wellspring. He will be primarily responsible for increasing awareness of the Battle process in the Missouri area, recruiting teams, equipping facilitators and shepherding teams from that area.

He has exceeded what we could ask or imagine.
We are thrilled to welcome, Heather Barham, Cathy Hoffer, Tim Bennett and Chip Demetri to our Wellspring Team! We are overwhelmed by God’s faithfulness to bring men and women so closely aligned with our values and vision of this ministry.

We have seen God move in incredible ways.
Will you pray with us as give thanks and transition from a team of 6 into a team of 10?

 Tim and Chip will both be working over the next few months to build their team of financial support. Please join us in prayer believing for God’s financial provision.
It started with a small group of men who said,
we want to give over and above our normal giving...
but for me, it started months before with prayer, listening to God
and learning to trust God instead of my back up plan.
It took a lot of utilizing the BLESS skill of Listening in 4 directions before I was ready and willing to trust the Lord with our decision to move to hard dollar pricing model for our retreats. It felt like a giant leap of faith that would require I believe all the Lord was promising…

As the Operations Director, I had carefully constructed what I thought to be a reasonable budget for this year, with safety levers we would pull in the event that God didn’t come through – because that’s what I do… I build back-up plans. By early summer we planned to launch our Give Heart initiative, inviting all of our alumni to partner with us to Give Heart to others through financial giving and to bridge the gap created by no longer receiving revenue from retreats fees. As we prepared to announce the new initiative we realized our need was heavily weighted in this year – so we began praying for God to stir hearts for a Lead Gift of $75,000.
I was given heart and a bit more courage to believe that God was revealing himself...
Before we even began asking, I was given courage as I saw the Lord moving. It started with a small group of men who said, we want to give over and above our normal giving – in response to this shift in pricing. It reminds me of Joshua, when the people said be strong and courageous – we are with you.  I was given heart and a bit more courage to surrender and believe that God was revealing himself through these families who committed to walk with us in this way.

Just as we were ready to announce our initiative to the broader Wellspring family, in a way that only God could ordain,Larry had a visit planned with a Battle alumnus passing through Atlanta. This brother shared with Larry that he had felt led to partner with us in a $75,000 gift. He didn’t know that we had been praying for God to raise a $75,000 lead gift in this initiative. 
All I could do was laugh, and maybe cry a little, when I heard the news. It was as if God was not only affirming our step in faith, but showing off his goodness. He was stirring hearts before we could even ask - and he was pouring out abundantly.
  We want more men and women to have the opportunity to enter into the Battle for the Heart.

Would you join with us in praying that God will stir the hearts for those to partner with us in new monthly commitments - Your partnership empowers us to Give men and women entering the Battle. 

Will you be a part?
Our Goal:
$5,000 in new monthly partnerships.

Visit or contact Anisa for more details.