But What About Questions?
The main goal of a teacher is for the learners to actually learn the material. Asking good questions—and soliciting answers—helps the teacher determine if that growth in knowledge is taking place! And that makes asking questions a crucial tool in the teacher’s toolbox. This month, Professor Thomas Kock walks us through how to make good questions a part of our teaching.

Professor Thomas Kock serves as professor of education and Old Testament at Wisconsin Lutheran Seminary in Mequon, Wisconsin. He previously served as a home missionary and pastor in Johnson City, Tennessee.
They never stopped teaching and proclaiming the good news that Jesus is the Messiah. Acts 5:42
Adult Education: Additum
Increase Student Learning in Only 3 Seconds

Our feature article in this issue helps us to see how using good questions in our teaching can help our learners. But what happens between the time a question is asked and an answer is given? It’s time that can be used to improve learning. Jennifer Sullivan helps us to see that improving student learning takes only 3 seconds.

Teaching Toolbox
10 Practical Approaches to Teaching

Growing in teaching skills and practices will help teachers offer a great classroom experience to learners. Scott Rios gives some practical tips to educators for how they can approach their teaching to improve teaching practice, build collegiality, and delve deeper into content knowledge. Some of these tips can be helpful for a Bible study leader.

Curriculum Connection
Politics Is Driving Me Crazy!

Messy elections, angry outbursts over viewpoints, banning of political discussions at family gatherings, and social media enflaming the fire of division because of political beliefs—this is our political world. You can help bring some calmness from God’s Word with this new Bible study from NPH,  Politics Is Driving Me Crazy! Pastor Charles Degner’s four-lesson Bible study will help learners understand and appreciate the separation of church and state and how we as Christians can best serve our fellow people.

Teaching Tip

Remember what it is like to learn something for the first time. Give students time to process information and answer questions. Know that it is fine for students to make mistakes if they can learn from them. Realize that learning can be hard work, even for the most motivated students.

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