Weekly Camp Fire Recovery Update from Butte County

August 19, 2019
Wildfire Assistance Program
As of August 15, 2019, individuals displaced by the 2017 Northern California wildfires and 2018 Camp fire can apply for aid through an independently administered Wildfire Assistance Program funded by Pacific Gas and Electric Company (PG&E). PG&E’s $105 million fund, approved by the judge in PG&E’s Chapter 11 cases, is intended to help those who are either uninsured or need assistance with alternative living expenses or other urgent needs. The court-approved independent administrator is set to file the eligibility criteria as required by the court and will open the application process. 
 Applicants can request a “Basic Unmet Needs” payment of $5,000 per household for victims who establish basic eligibility requirements and self-certify that they have at least $5,000 of unmet needs that have not been compensated by the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA). Payments are to support needs such as water, food, prescriptions, medical supplies and equipment, infant formula and diapers, personal hygiene items, and transportation fuels beyond what FEMA covered in the days immediately following the declared disasters.
Those who receive basic payments may also qualify for a “Supplemental Unmet Needs” payment. These funds will be available only after “Basic Unmet Needs” payments have been issued. Supplemental payments will be available to individuals and families who currently face extreme or extraordinary circumstances as compared to others who were impacted by the 2017 and 2018 wildfires.
To qualify for the payments, applicants’ primary residence must have been within the boundary of the 2017 Northern California wildfires or the 2018 Camp fire. Applicants also must establish proof of identity and certify that they are not requesting payments for an expense already paid for by FEMA.
Applicants can find more information and apply for assistance at https://www.norcalwildfireassistanceprogram.com/ . The deadline to file for aid is November 15, 2019.
Butte County Building Permit Center
In an effort to bring Building Permit Services closer to C amp Fire impacted communities, a Butte County Building Permit Center is now open at the Paradise Branch Library, located at 5922 Clark Road in Paradise Days/Hours of operation are Monday, Tuesday, Thursday from 9AM to 3:30PM. A small ribbon cutting ceremony and open house will be held on Tuesday, August 20th at 9AM. Please stop by for some refreshments and snacks and check out the new Butte County Building Permit Center.

Alternative Program (County)
data as of August 15, 2019

Alternative Work Plans Received: 1,633

Alternative Work Plan in Review: 60

Alternative Work Plans Approved: 1,573

Final Reports Submitted: 1,003

Final Reports in Review: 56

Final Reports Approved: 947

Applications Awaiting Work Plans: 64
Government Program (State)
data as of August 16, 2019

ROEs Received: 11,859

Parcels with Debris Removal
Completed: 9,906
Parcels with Soil Sample
Approved: 6,345

Parcels with Erosion Control
Completed: 5,507

Parcels Completed and
Final Sign Off Sent to County: 5,197

Parcels with Final Sign Off processed by the County (return to owner): 5,004

Noncompliant Parcels

Town of Paradise: 101
Butte County: 45
Mobile Home Parks

Government Program: 31
Alternative Program: 2
In Progress (indemnity agreement signed): 1
Outstanding: 0
Debris Removal Operations Center
Property owners who have questions about Phase II debris removal with the Government Program can stop by or call the Debris Removal Operations Center and speak directly with representatives from CalOES and CalRecycle.

Debris Removal Operations Center
900 Fortress Street, Suite 200 in Chico
Hours: Monday - Friday, 8:00 am to 5:00 pm
Saturday, 8:00 am to Noon
Neal Road Recycling and Waste Facility Fire Debris Disposal
Butte County Building Permits
Inside Burn Area*
Applications Received: 110
Permits Issued: 44
Final: 1 (home may be occupied)

Outside Burn Area*
Applications Received: 13
Permits Issued: 11
Final: 1 (home may be occupied)
*Inside Burn Area – residential permits on parcels where the Camp Fire destroyed a residence.

*Outside Burn Area – residential permit for a Camp Fire survivor on a parcel outside the burn area or a parcel within the burn area where no structures greater than 120 sq. ft. burned.
Town of Paradise Building Permits
Applications Received: 239
Applications in Plan Check: 82
Permits Issued: 157
Data as of August 14, 2019

View weekly recovery updates from the Town of Paradise. Posted here .
Butte County Surveyor Status
Record of Survey
Submitted: 101
Recorded: 30
Record of Survey – a document prepared and signed by a Professional Land Surveyor that documents a boundary survey. Required when: a property corner is set; property lines are established that have not been mapped previously; or there is a material discrepancy between what has been recorded versus what exists on the ground.
Corner Record
Submitted: 63
Recorded: 59
Corner Record – a document prepared and signed by a Professional Land Surveyor that documents a boundary survey. Required when: a property corner is set; property lines are re- established that have been mapped previously; and there is no material discrepancy between what has been recorded versus what exists on the ground.
Hazard trees in the County right-of-way are assessed by a contract arborist and removed by a tree contractor if they pose a threat to the public right-of-way. The Department of Public Works manages the contract arborist and the tree removal contractors.

Trees Evaluated, Removal Planned: 6,719
Trees Removed: 30
Road Miles Evaluated: 155 out of 155
Lime Saddle Campground
Total Spaces: 44
Vacancy: 6
Available Through: August 31, 2019

DeSabla Campground
Total Spaces: 12
Vacancy: 2
Available Through: August 31, 2019
The Department of Employment and Social Services operates the shelter locations. These shelters opened to provide a place for fire survivors who are unable to live on their property until fire debris removal is complete. Fire survivors should call 530.538.7572 to inquire about a space.
Del Oro Water Update (as of 8/12/19)
Locations Tested: 186
Locations Cleared: 183
Paradise Irrigation District Update (as of 8/16/19)
Total Advisories Lifted: 176
166 Advisories Lifted based on water test results
10 Advisories Lifted based on service lateral replacement
The following community meetings and events related to recovery. The list is not intended to be a comprehensive list of community events.
Visit ButteCountyRecovers.org/events or Makeitparadise.org/meeting-schedul e for a list of events hosted by, or held in coordination with, Butte County or the Town of Paradise. For Paradise Community Events, visit http://www.paradisechamber.com/events/calendar

Paradise Irrigation District
Community Meeting
September 16, 2019 at 6:00PM
Paradise Alliance Church
6491 Clark Rd. in Paradise