Weekly Camp Fire Recovery Update from Butte County

February 10, 2020
Private Property Tree Removal Map
Property Owners are encouraged to view the Private Property Tree Removal Map to locate eligible properties.
The Deadline to submit Hazard Tree Removal Right-of-Entry Forms and Inspection Access Forms has been extended to February 21, 2020.
Alternative Program (County)
data as of February 10, 2020

Alternative Work Plans Received: 1,697

Alternative Work Plan in Review: 1

Alternative Work Plans Approved: 1,695

Final Reports Submitted: 1,559

Final Reports in Review: 60

Final Reports Approved: 1,499

Applications Awaiting Work Plans: 7
Government Program (State)
data as of December 30, 2019

Parcels with ROE Eligible: 10,907

Parcels with Debris Removal
Completed (does not include non compliant abated properties): 10,907
Parcels with Soil Sample
Approved: 10,904

Parcels with Erosion Control
Completed: 10,904

Parcels Completed and
Final Sign Off Sent to County: 10,904

Parcels with Final Sign Off processed by the County (return to owner): 10,904

Neal Road Recycling and Waste Facility Fire Debris Disposal-As of 2/10/2020
Butte County Building Permits- As of 02/10/2020
Inside Burn Area*
Applications Received: 258
Permits Issued: 150
Final: 15 (home may be occupied)

Outside Burn Area*
Applications Received: 31
Permits Issued: 24
Final: 6 (home may be occupied)
*Inside Burn Area – residential permits on parcels where the Camp Fire destroyed a residence.

*Outside Burn Area – residential permit for a Camp Fire survivor on a parcel outside the burn area or a parcel within the burn area where no structures greater than 120 sq. ft. burned.
Residential Re-Build Guide
In an effort to help Butte County residents navigate the re-building process, Butte County Department of Development Services organized a Residential Re-Build Guide, including a step by step checklist that provides an overview of the steps needed to complete the re-build process. The Residential Re-Build Guide , in addition to other useful documents can be located on the Development Services Camp Fire Web Page.
The Building Resiliency Center (BRC) is now open in Paradise, located at 6295 Skyway! Representatives from the Town of Paradise Building Department as well as Butte County Development Services are available at the BRC to assist residents who are currently rebuilding, as well as those who are interested in rebuilding. The BRC is open Monday-Friday from 8AM-5PM.
Butte County Rebuild Incentive Grant Information- As of 02/10/2020
The rebuild incentive grant can be applied for when property owners submit a building permit with Butte County. The grant is on a first-applied, first-granted basis.
North Valley Community Foundation
The grant is a reimbursement for 50% of eligible building permit fees up to $3,500.
98 Applicants being served
$163,659 being applied to building permits.

Golden State Finance Authority
The grant is a reimbursement of 100% of eligible building permit fees for Veterans.
31 Applicants being served
$91,444 being applied to building permits.
Town of Paradise Building Permits
Building Permit Applications Received: 790
Homes Rebuilt: 44
Data as of February 5, 2020

View weekly recovery updates from the Town of Paradise. Posted here .
Butte County Surveyor Status- As of 02/10/2020
Record of Survey
Submitted: 251
Recorded: 108
Record of Survey – a document prepared and signed by a Professional Land Surveyor that documents a boundary survey. Required when: a property corner is set; property lines are established that have not been mapped previously; or there is a material discrepancy between what has been recorded versus what exists on the ground.
Corner Record
Submitted: 198
Filed: 182
Corner Record – a document prepared and signed by a Professional Land Surveyor that documents a boundary survey. Required when: a property corner is set; property lines are re- established that have been mapped previously; and there is no material discrepancy between what has been recorded versus what exists on the ground.
Hazard trees in the County right-of-way are assessed by a contract arborist and removed by a tree contractor if they pose a threat to the public right-of-way. The Department of Public Works manages the contract arborist and the tree removal contractors.

Trees Evaluated, Removal Planned: 6,649
Trees Removed: 603
Road Miles Evaluated: 155 out of 155
Del Oro Water Update (as of 02/10/2020)
Locations Tested: 384
Locations Cleared: 384
Paradise Irrigation District Update (as of 02/03/2020)
Total Advisories Lifted: 1,214
983 Advisories Lifted based on water test results
231 Advisories Lifted based on service lateral replacement
The following community meetings and events related to recovery. The list is not intended to be a comprehensive list of community events.
Visit ButteCountyRecovers.org/events or Makeitparadise.org/meeting-schedul e for a list of events hosted by, or held in coordination with, Butte County or the Town of Paradise. For Paradise Community Events, visit http://www.paradisechamber.com/events/calendar

Fire Recovery Meeting
Thursday, February 20, 2020
Historic Schoolhouse
11666 Concow Road, Concow.
Topics will include: Tree Removal Program; Taxes; Concow Hazardous Fuel Removal-Crain Ridge Project; Concow Hazardous Fuel Removal-Granite Ridge Project; Identify needs and Resources.
Refreshments will be provided
For information, contact Brenda Rightmyer 530.534.4179