Weekly Camp Fire Recovery Update from Butte County

July 1, 2019
Alternative Program (County)
data as of June 28, 2019

Alternative Work Plans Received: 1,572
Alternative Work Plan in Review: 95

Alternative Work Plans Approved: 1,472

Final Reports Submitted: 737

Final Reports in Review: 71

Final Reports Approved: 666

Applications awaiting work plans: 96
Government Program (State)
data as of June 20, 2019

ROEs received: 11,661

Parcels with debris removal
completed: 5,398
Parcels with soil sample
approved: 2,920

Parcels with erosion control
completed: 2,034

Parcels completed and
Final sign off sent to County: 1,740

Noncompliant Parcels

Town of Paradise: 175
Butte County: 91
Mobile Home Parks

Government Program: 22
Alternative Program: 4
In Progress (indemnity agreement signed): 3
Outstanding: 4
Air Quality Monitoring
The Government Program is monitoring air quality at several areas in Paradise, Magalia, and Oroville. Current air quality and results from heavy metal and asbestos sampling are displayed online, https://campfi.fielddatasolutions.com/.

Each station lists the air quality index as either: good, moderate, unhealthy for sensitive groups, unhealthy, very unhealthy, hazardous, or offline.

Visit the Camp Fire Recovery webpage on the Butte County Air Quality Management District for more information, https://bcaqmd.org/camp-fire-recovery/
Debris Removal Operations Center
Property owners who have questions about Phase II debris removal with the Government Program can stop by or call the Debris Removal Operations Center and speak directly with representatives from CalOES and CalRecycle.

Debris Removal Operations Center
900 Fortress Street, Suite 200 in Chico
Hours: Monday - Friday, 8:00 am to 5:00 pm
Saturday, 8:00 am to Noon
*Closed July 4, 5, and 6
Neal Road Recycling and Waste Facility Fire Debris Disposal
Butte County Building Permits
Inside Burn Area*
Applications Received: 72
Permits Issued: 17

Outside Burn Area*
Applications Received: 12
Permits Issued: 6
*Inside Burn Area – residential permits on parcels where the Camp Fire destroyed a residence.

*Outside Burn Area – residential permit for a Camp Fire survivor on a parcel outside the burn area or a parcel within the burn area where no structures greater than 120 sq. ft. burned. ext Link
Town of Paradise Building Permits
Applications Received: 152
Permits in Plan Check: 87
Permits Issued: 62
Data as of June 26, 2019

View weekly recovery updates from the Town of Paradise. Posted here .
Butte County Surveyor Status
Record of Survey
Submitted: 63
Recorded: 12
Record of Survey – a document prepared and signed by a Professional Land Surveyor that documents a boundary survey. Required when: a property corner is set; property lines are established that have not been mapped previously; or there is a material discrepancy between what has been recorded versus what exists on the ground.
Corner Record
Submitted: 50
Recorded: 42
Corner Record – a document prepared and signed by a Professional Land Surveyor that documents a boundary survey. Required when: a property corner is set; property lines are re- established that have been mapped previously; and there is no material discrepancy between what has been recorded versus what exists on the ground.
Hazard trees in the County right-of-way are assessed by a contract arborist and removed by a tree contractor if they pose a threat to the public right-of-way. The Department of Public Works manages the contract arborist and the tree removal contractors.

Trees Evaluated, Removal Planned: 4,885
Trees Removed: 27
Road Miles Evaluated: 112 out of 155
Lime Saddle Campground
Total Spaces: 44
Vacancy: 2
Available Through: July 31, 2019

Da Sabla Campground
Total Spaces: 12
Vacancy: 5
Available Through: Sept. 30, 2019
The Department of Employment and Social Services operates the shelter locations. These shelters opened to provide a place for fire survivors who are unable to live on their property until fire debris removal is complete. Fire survivors should call 530.538.7572 to inquire about a space.
Question:    What is the approximate time frame for the County to come out and inspect temporary power poles?
Answer: Inspections scheduled by 3:00 p.m. are performed the next working day.

In some cases, there is a cap to the number of inspections that can be completed in one day because of staff availability. In this case, the inspection is scheduled for the next day.

Inspections are only performed on Tuesdays and Thursdays in some areas such as Butte Meadows, Forest Ranch, Berry Creek, Clipper Mills, and Feather Falls.

In general, the inspection happens the following day, or in some cases, within a few days. Please call the building division directly at 530.552.3701 with questions.
Question: When will remaining vehicles be hauled away?
Answer: CHP removed vehicles in the right-of-way after the fire. If burnt or abandoned vehicles remain in the right-of-way, please contact the Code Enforcement Division for the Town of Paradise at (530) 872-6291 ext. 124, or for Butte County at (530) 552-3702 depending on where the vehicle is located.

The Government Debris Removal Program removes vehicles from private property enrolled in the Government Program as part of debris removal. The vehicles on private property enrolled in the Alternative Program remain the responsibility of the contractor or the property owner.