Weekly Camp Fire Recovery Update from Butte County

May 26, 2020
CalRecycle Press Release Issued May 26, 2020

Tree Removal Starts New Phase of Camp Fire Recovery
California Seeks Contractors as Hazard Tree Project Moves Forward
SACRAMENTO – Camp Fire recovery efforts from California’s deadliest wildfire are entering a new phase, which includes the removal of hundreds of thousands of fire-damaged trees in danger of falling in Paradise and surrounding communities. In the coming weeks, the state will award four contracts: two to help manage the mass tree removal operation as Butte County works to gain permission from property owners to access affected land through Right-of-Entry agreements; and two for the licensed timber operators who will fell the trees.
“We find ourselves in extraordinary times, and the resilience we’ve seen in our communities in response to the current health crisis is emblematic of the resilience Paradise and the surrounding region has demonstrated since the Camp Fire,” California Department of Resources Recycling and Recovery (CalRecycle) Acting Director Ken DaRosa said. “This tree removal operation is the next important step in continuing to rebuild. Our priority is the safety of the people of Butte County, the workers, and the environment.”
Hazard Tree Removal
In 2018, the Camp Fire left 85 people dead and over 13,000 homes destroyed or severely damaged. Following the completion of structural debris removal in November 2019, the California Governor’s Office of Emergency Services (Cal OES) tasked CalRecycle with managing the safe removal of fire-damaged trees in danger of falling on public rights of way, public facilities, or private roads that serve as critical access for services to residents.

“Removing hazardous trees is the next phase in helping Butte County rebuild and recover from the Camp Fire,” said Cal OES Chief Deputy Director Christina Curry. “We are standing with this community and will continue to work closely with our partners to complete this project quickly and efficiently.”
The state-managed tree removal program consists of two phases: 
Phase 1 – Identification of trees posing a hazard to the public by certified foresters and arborists 
Phase 2 – Safe removal of hazard trees, sending them to their best use
Tree Removal Contractors 
CalRecycle currently seeks four separate contracting firms for:
  • Field Management
A firm to provide the foresters and arborists responsible for assessing, marking, surveying, and tracking trees to be removed, as well as monitoring the crews performing the removal work.
  • Administrative Management
A company with extensive experience in financial and administrative services to assist the project’s budget and auditing objectives.
  • Tree Removal Contractors
Two licensed timber operators who will be responsible for the safe removal of marked trees and delivery to end-use facilities.

Information about CalRecycle’s contract solicitations is available at CalRecycle.ca.gov/contracts 

Right-of-Entry Agreements  
Fire-damaged trees that endanger the public health must be removed. Camp Fire survivors can sign up for the government-managed program with no out-of-pocket costs to property owners. They can also choose to remove any hazard trees themselves, hire someone to do it for them, or have an independent arborist certify that their trees are already cleared. 
Two-thirds of affected property owners have responded to Butte County’s call to sign up for the State-managed program or opt to manage the tree removal themselves. Those who have not yet responded should visit the county’s dedicated website at ButteCountyRecovers.org .

Hazard Tree Removal Right of Entry Forms and Inspection Access Forms can be submitted by mail or email. Due to COVID-19 guidance, forms are not currently being collected in person.
Return By Mail:
ATTN: Tree Removal ROE Processing Center
205 Mira Loma Dr. Ste 50
Oroville CA 95965

Return by Email:
E-mail to: TreeROE@buttecounty.net (Please note: Tree ROE Forms and Inspection Access Forms must be initialed by hand)

For more information, or for guidance completing the forms, please call the ROE Information Line at 530.552.3030
ROE Information Line: 530.552.3030
Private Property Tree Removal Map
Property Owners are encouraged to view the Private Property Tree Removal Map to locate eligible properties.
Looking for a Tree Removal Contractor? Valley Contractors Exchange can help. Visit their website for a list of Tree Removal Contractors.
Alternative Program (County)
data as of May 25, 2020

Alternative Work Plans Received: 1,704

Alternative Work Plan in Review: 0

Alternative Work Plans Approved: 1,704

Final Reports Submitted: 1,661

Final Reports in Review: 42

Final Reports Approved: 1,619

Applications Awaiting Work Plans: 2
Government Debris Removal Program Complete

Butte County Building Permits- As of 05/26/2020
Inside Burn Area*
Applications Received: 308
Permits Issued: 223
Final: 39 (home may be occupied)

Outside Burn Area*
Applications Received: 33
Permits Issued: 28
Final: 13 (home may be occupied)
*Inside Burn Area – residential permits on parcels where the Camp Fire destroyed a residence.

*Outside Burn Area – residential permit for a Camp Fire survivor on a parcel outside the burn area or a parcel within the burn area where no structures greater than 120 sq. ft. burned.
Due to COVID-19, the Butte County Development Services Office is currently closed to the public; however, services are still available by phone or email:

Phone: 530.552.3700
Website: www.ButteCounty.net/DDS
Building Email: DSBuilding@ButteCounty.net
Planning Email: DSPlanning@ButteCounty.net
Code Enforcement Email: DSCodeEnforcement@ButteCounty.net
Butte County Rebuild Incentive Grant Information- As of 05/26/2020
The rebuild incentive grant can be applied for when property owners submit a building permit with Butte County. The grant is on a first-applied, first-granted basis.
North Valley Community Foundation
The grant is a reimbursement for 50% of eligible building permit fees up to $3,500.
146 Applicants being served
$248,241 being applied to building permits.

Golden State Finance Authority
The grant is a reimbursement of 100% of eligible building permit fees for Veterans.
37 Applicants being served
$109,834 being applied to building permits.
Town of Paradise Building Permits
Building Permit Applications Received: 985
Homes Rebuilt: 158
Data as of May 20, 2020

View weekly recovery updates from the Town of Paradise. Posted here .
Butte County Surveyor Status- As of 05/26/2020
Record of Survey
Submitted: 329
Recorded: 144
Record of Survey – a document prepared and signed by a Professional Land Surveyor that documents a boundary survey. Required when: a property corner is set; property lines are established that have not been mapped previously; or there is a material discrepancy between what has been recorded versus what exists on the ground.
Corner Record
Submitted: 248
Filed: 226
Corner Record – a document prepared and signed by a Professional Land Surveyor that documents a boundary survey. Required when: a property corner is set; property lines are re- established that have been mapped previously; and there is no material discrepancy between what has been recorded versus what exists on the ground.
Del Oro Water Update (as of 05/26/2020)
Locations Tested: 444
Locations Cleared: 444
Paradise Irrigation District Update (as of 05/11/2020)
Total Advisories Lifted: 1,889
1,457 Advisories Lifted based on water test results
432 Advisories Lifted based on service lateral replacement
The following community meetings and events related to recovery. The list is not intended to be a comprehensive list of community events.
Visit ButteCountyRecovers.org/events or Makeitparadise.org/meeting-schedul e for a list of events hosted by, or held in coordination with, Butte County or the Town of Paradise. For Paradise Community Events, visit http://www.paradisechamber.com/events/calendar