Hot Focus is a HOT Seller for Holiday

Hot Focus is HOT HOT HOT! With a variety of themes and products this a great vendor to bring in to make a big visual impact. No little girl can resist the hot pink and glitter and with a growing selection for boys, they are right there with them! Below are the top selling items in this line with the exception of BRAND new items we don't have images for yet. Be sure to include those items in your order as well (featured below).

Also, just a note. Yes, this line is massive and you might think, 'it's really hard to find items in the catalog'. BUT this is one of the most organized catalogs and soooo user friendly. The first 85 pages of the catalog is in order of item number and keeps all like items together. Then they organize all the themes together. AMAZING!

Lunch Buddy Dinosaur - 450DI 

Stylish Beauty Mini Backpack Rainbow - 752RB 

Huggy Squeeze with Beauty Caticorn - 550CAT 

Colorful Creations Caticorn - 268CAT 

Stylish Beauty Mini Backpack Good Vibes - 752GV 

Clipboard Storage Case Tie Dye Butterfly - 280TB 

Simply Trendy Unicorn - 198UC 

Dazzle Nails and Spiral Hair Tie/Bracelet Tie Dye Butterfly - 030TB 

Huggy Squeeze with Beauty Corgi - 550CORGI 

Multi Function Pencil Case Unicorn - 295UC 

Glow Like a Star Nail Art - 025GD 

Tech Glow Rainbow - 620RB 

Writing Inspiration Caticorn - 329CAT 

Multi Function Pencil Case Tie Dye Butterfly - 295TB 

Cup of Fun Tie Dye Butterfly - 400TB 

Stylish Beauty Mini Backpack Leopard - 750LP 

Carry All Cosmetic Rainbow - 048RB 

Top Sellers Not Pictured:

118 Advent Calendar Leopard

820N Dream Sleepover Rainbow

402 Color Changing Tumbler Tie Dye Butterfly

295 Multi-Function Pencil Case Dinosaur 

Sept. Dallas Show Special 2022

$500- 1/2 freight

$750- FFA 

(promotional items cannot exceed 1/3 of the total order value.)

Valid Sept. 1st- 15th, 2022

Hot Focus 2022 Catalog
Hot Focus Summer Supplement
Hot Focus Holiday catalog
updated Pricelist 8-25-2022
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