Good Afternoon

It was a snowy drive in to work this morning. While I really don't like talking about the weather, it's certainly pertinent to a farmer these days.

Right now, I'm seeing many of our farmers are over a month behind on their spring plantings. The grass, while greening up, lacks mass and our grazing season is delayed. In fact, last year I started rotational grazing beef on April1. Today, our beef are still cooped up in barn eating hay. While there is a little bit for them to chew on out there, the fields are too wet and my opinion is that the damage their hooves would cause, and the smaller yields later will be pricier than feeding hay for a few more weeks.

I'm not alone either. The produce guys all have greenhouses bursting with produce that needs to go in the ground. Soon, the plants risk becoming root bound, a condition that can thwart future productivity of the plant.

Even the asparagus is behind schedule this year. We had hoped to feature that this week, but it is still just starting to poke from the ground. There is always next week!

But this too shall pass, and in the meantime we put in some extra hours in the kitchen the last few weeks to bring some special items for this week's bag:

Pepperoni Rolls - made from scratch, including the homemade pepperoni (each package has 8 oz of pepperoni in it!), organic flour from Stutzman's, and guernsey mozzarella from Paint Valley. Vegetarian shares will receive herb & cheese rolls (loaded up on cheese in place of pepperoni).

Tomato Sauce - we worked through the end of the tomatoes in the freezer to put together a pint of tomato sauce, perfect for dipping your pepperoni & cheese rolls.

Black Pepper & Butternut Squash Soup - At the end of the year, we were able to roast off all the remaining butternut squash and cook it down into a rich soup. Ingredients include house made chicken stock (or veggies stock in vegetarian version), house smoked bacon (not included in the vegetarian version), and guernsey cream. Vegetarian shares will receive a vegetarian version. I hope you enjoy it.

Trevor & the FFM Team
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We are actively talking with our farmers coordinating the first month's bags. Your commitment helps us with our planning and communication with the farmers.


Spend Your Credits Now

This is week 14 out of 15. Next delivery cycle is the last for the winter season. If you have credits, they are not refundable and do not transfer to the summer season. Please use your credits now to take advantage of the best selection.

Lauren, Faith, and the team at the warehouse have been working hard to keep the website up-to-date with the best selection of frozen goods, dairy, eggs, cheeses, and more. While produce is limited, there are plenty of staples and pantry items you can grab now to stock up for summer.

With just two more winter season pick-ups, we're already thinking ahead to summer. Snow in April seems to be the predictable unpredictable weather pattern as of late, however we are ready for some warmer days.

After the winter ends, there is a three-week break. Our team tidies up from the final delivery and then it's all hands on deck focusing on prepping the warehouse for the big upcoming summer share. It's a time of reorganizing and inventorying.

We hope you'll continue your local foods journey with us during the summer months. We are excited for what our farmers have planned for us this season. Your commitment to the summer share helps us plan with our farmers. Many crops take at 50-60 days minimum for harvest. Some of the produce planned for week 1 is already in the field.

Sign up is easy, too. You can simply reply to this email. Please include the share size (small, large, or mini), food preference (omnivore, vegetarian, or vegan), pick-up location preference and payment plan (upfront or weekly). We'll get the subscription added to your account and you'll receive a confirmation email once you're in for the season!

We've been fielding quite a few questions in the office about vacations for the summer. Remember, you have up to 4 weeks of vacation holds available for the summer season! Check out this POST about some other flexible terms even with a subscription.

Butternut Squash Soup
Sweet Corn (frozen)
Tomato Sauce
Pepperoni Rolls
Italian Chicken Links


Butternut Squash Soup
Sweet Corn (frozen)
Tomato Sauce
Herb & Cheese Rolls
Diced Potatoes (frozen)
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