Thank you for supporting the Global Agenda Summit and our collective effort to Economically Withdraw from companies and brands that use child salves and forced labor.

Now, let's practice what we preach... as the BLACK FRIDAY holiday season approaches, we want to encourage you to support BLACK businesses!
In case you missed it... WATCH our
Global Agenda Summit Parts I, II and III
Global Agenda Summit - Part I

*The Truth About the Confederacy
*Banking Black
Global Agenda Summit - Part II

*Modern Day Slavery
*Education & Higher Learning in 2020
*Social Media Contestants
Global Agenda Summit - Part III

*Black Purchasing Power
*Entrepreneurship & Ownership
*Black Businesses & Organizations Spotlight


We appreciate everyone who signed up to economically withdraw from companies who disenfranchise communities of color. Our steering committee is in the process of writing letters to these companies to demand change!

Global Transcendence (GT) is a 501c3 non-profit organization serving children, parents and families in Washington, DC and Maryland at the Global Transcendence Neighborhood HUB locations. Our mission is to break the cycle of homicides; transcend root causes such as poverty, learned helplessness, mental health issues; interrupt acts of retaliation; support healing for co-victims; and increase resilience.

We want to offer families a lifeline of comprehensive trauma-informed support to help them not merely stay afloat, but to rise above the rough waters of life. Our goal is to assist consumers in exiting to the middle class while continuing to provide community-based resources and support.