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J. Michael Collins is a professional voice actor, coach, demo producer, and casting director with over 20 years of full time experience.

Renown for his business savvy, J. Michael has helped hundreds of voice talents develop careers ranging from the classic LA/union path to the ever expanding world of online casting.

With a keen eye for the latest trends, and a deep sense of community spirit,
teaches how to find success without compromising your value.
He is a frequent speaker at voice-over conferences, and presents workshops and educational sessions worldwide. 
And of course,  
J. Michael  leads a  
wildly popular and exclusive series of 
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J. Michael ... 

"Thank you, VoiceOverXtra and J. Michael for one of the best webinars I have ever taken (and I have taken a lot). It was comprehensive and well organized with
just the right touches
of wit and information."
- Maria C. Makis
"Want results? Then you have to train with
J. Michael. After employing his tips and techniques, I found a 200% jump in my bookings in the first week! I can't thank him enough." 
- Mike Brang

"J. Michael Collins is the consummate professional - knowledgeable, accessible, and all-around easy to talk to. His coaching advice is spot on."
- Joe Zieja

"Thank you, J. Michael! You helped me transform my VO business into a thriving, vital and fun adventure!"
- Kath Crumrine 

"J. Michael Collins helped me identify and adjust a few key elements in my business that led to a 110% increase in my my bottom line in less than 3 months."
- Lisa Luck


In this exclusive webinar from VoiceoverXtra,
J. Michael Collins guides you through an in-depth look at his 6 Ways to Book Voice-Over Work - revealing the six core methods he uses to book work every single day - without ever becoming over-reliant on a single source of opportunities.

"In our rapidly evolving voice-over marketplace,  
an abundant source of jobs today can dry up  
tomorrow - or worse, become too toxic to  
continue. In this webinar, I will show you my  
key job sources and how I pivot quickly between  
them." - J. Michael Collins
1. Agency Representation: How to get it  
and keep it.
2. Marketing to Production Companies  
& Ad Agencies: How to create this stream  
of daily income.
3. Online Casting Strategies: How to structure your memberships and use these sites wisely.
4. Direct Marketing to Buyers: Learn what  
works and what doesn't.
5. Networking & Social Media: How to build a brand that will make your colleagues want to hire you when they need other voices for their clients.
6. SEO: Why it matters, and the differences between paid and organic SEO. (You don't know SEO??) 
Join this webinar to discover how to make  
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