The Perfect Software  
For Recording and Editing Voice Over ... 
The Basics & Beyond
- Instant Download Recording -
with Dan Lenard
The Home Studio Master
Dan's demonstrations will include how to edit recordings  
using Adobe Audition's Spectragraph feature
Learn How to Professionally
Record & Edit Voice Overs With

Dan Lenard is the Home Studio Master, one of the world's leading consultants on voice over home studio audio.

Also a veteran voice talent and educator, he helps clients with home studio set-up and problem-solving via Skype, phone and email.

He presents highly acclaimed home studio webinars for VoiceOverXtra and in-person workshops on a variety of home studio topics.

Dan is also co-host of the popular Monday night Voice Over Body Shop (VO-BS) webcast.

What They Say About Dan Lenard's Webinars ... 


"Really enjoyed last night's webinar. Dan did indeed make it look easy and logical - that's not always the case, by a longshot! Plus, I dig his brand of humor."

- Jacqui Lynn Fidlar 


"They say the definition of an expert is someone who can make complicated things seem simple. I have a new definition: Dan Lenard. Thanks so much for your insight and patience."

- Doug de Nance


"A most informative set of webinars.  

I learned A LOT."

- Dan Deslaurier


"Great webinar! I had been looking for some instructions on how to better use this software for my VO recordings."

- Mal Cameron


"Damn! This is good stuff! I got my money's worth."

- Britt Helms Sr.


"The webinar with Dan Lenard was very informative and I thoroughly enjoyed it. It was extremely helpful to me." 

- Joe Bartholomew


Finding the right software to record and edit your voice over tracks can be stressful.  
One of the problems is that most recording software programs are designed to record and produce music, not mono voice tracks.  
But that's not the case with ADOBE AUDITION! This was created for audio tracks - providing a perfect workflow for voice over.
And while this software has many functions,  
it's actually simple to use if you understand  
its basic operation.
In this webinar recording, Dan Lenard - the Home Studio Master - demonstrates the basics and beyond for using ADOBE AUDITION to record your voice overs.
Dan is an ADOBE AUDITION expert, using it  
every day in his own voice over business. He  
explains how to:  
  • set up your software
  • easily record voice over
  • edit, process and export your recordings, plus
  • use the Spectragraph - a powerful tool that can turn an unusable track into a trouble-free file
NOTE: In his webinars, Dan literally jumps onto  
your screen to demonstrate operations and  
ensure they are abundantly clear (not to mention memorable).  
No one else performs webinars like the Home Studio Master. He makes the complex seem simple. More than a lecture with pictures, this  
is a dynamic real-time demonstration of ADOBE AUDITION's features and capabilities.  

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