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Making your demo is a crucial step in every voice over artist's career…. 
It is crossing the threshold from training to stepping into the ring.
It is knowing yourself and what you are bringing to the market.
It is making a powerful first impression with your product.
Everyone will have their own gestation period on when they will be ready to make or update a voice over demo. How will you know it’s time for you?
Journey with Tish Hicks, VO pro and Master Sensei of the VO Dojo, in this super fun, demystifying exploration of what it takes to make a competitive demo and when to know it's time for you.

  • If you are just starting out in the business, this exclusive VoiceOverXtra webinar will show you what a demo is ... what it does ... and why it can be important to wait until you are ready.

  • If you have been training and are bursting to get yourself out there, Tish will help you focus and understand yourself and the process.

  • If you have recorded samples and are ready to put them together into a professional presentation of your product, this webinar will let you know it is time to make the investment in your professional demo.

  • And if you have a demo that is not working as well as you would like, we will take you back to foundations and recognize where you have grown and can make adjustments.
Crossing any threshold in life can be exhilarating and scary at the same time.
It is a combination of having the skills and understanding the business, having the positive and practical mindset, and the brave and true heartset to step through to the next level!
Download now to discover a framework to think through, and receive a checklist that will help you know when you are ready to make or revamp your vital voice over demo. Just $59.
Tish Hicks is an accomplished, successful LA voice over artist and the creator, CEO, and Master Sensei of The V.O. Dojo, a holistic, full-training voice over program that guides, supports, connects, and accelerates every step of the way from "I don’t know" to “working pro.”

She has been working in all genres of voice over (commercials, animation, video games, TV narration, promo, audiobooks, et al) for 25+ years - including being the voice of many high-profile and long-running campaigns like Subaru and Citibank.

For over a decade, The V.O. Dojo has been aligning people around the world with the power and possibility of their voice through the vehicle of voice over.

Tish is a 2021 Stevie Award Winner for Female Entrepreneur of the Year and The Dojo was awarded 2021 Company of the Year.

She is a graduate of Northwestern University’s Theatre Department where bringing stories to life was instilled as a way of life.
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