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Building Your Voice-Over Business for Tomorrow's Landscape: How to Thrive
in Changing Times 
with top VO pro & coach 
J. Michael Collins
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Meet Your Acclaimed Trainer     
In more than 20 years as a professional voice actor, J. Michael Collins has worked with many of the worlds largest companies, brands, sports leagues and organizations.  
He works in both the classic agency-based VO world and online casting marketplace, where he has become a leading authority. 
He is also recognized as an industry-leading voice-over coach and award-winning demo producer, and is known for having mentored some of the industry's fastest rising stars.
J. Michael  is a 16-time Voice Arts Award winner as voice actor, demo producer, script writer and casting director.   
He helps VO students by teaching them how to build their businesses beyond expectations
And his voice-over students have booked countless voice-over jobs by applying his techniques. 
The voice-over business is changing. Can you change with it? Don't stop thinking about tomorrow! Where will your career be in 1 year ... 5 years ... 10 years? 
In this detailed look at the future of VO and your place in it, top VO industry authority, talent and coach J. Michael Collins takes you on a tour of short-term and long-term
strategies that you can employ to maintain and GROW your VO income in a changing marketplace.

J. Michael built his voice-over career by being one step ahead of industry changes. His foresight has allowed him to take calculated risks that have paid off, and to avoid being left behind in the shifting sands of VO.

This webinar recording and slides let you tap into his vision to thrive in changing times.

You will learn ...
  • Trends in broadcast work, and why the glamorous genres may not be the basket where you want to put all your eggs.
  • Why commercial rates have flat-lined ... yet why the news for commercial VO is not all bad!
  • How to take advantage of VO genres that are underpopulated with talent - but surging with demand.
  • Where rates are rising and are likely to continue to do so.
  • Specialty VO genres that you may not have heard about or considered.
  • The impact of AI on the future of VO.
  • The future of online casting / pay-to-play sites, and why that landscape is about to shift dramatically.
  • How newer voice buyers and creatives are casting.
  • What you can do to position yourself ahead of trends to thrive.
  • Why the pessimists are wrong!
  • Why changes don't have to mean less pay or income - and indeed can mean MORE pay!
  • Why the VO middle class and upper middle class are about to surge to their highest levels yet.
We've all heard the doomsayers. Yet J. Michael and the talent he has coached over the years continue to prove that by planning strategically, ... and thinking 5 years forward ... voice actors can thrive in the Wild West voice-over world we live in today.

Video & Audio-Only Recordings Plus Slides
Just $59
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